Star Trek Voyager


by Spiletta42


Rating: T™©


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Warnings: alcohol use

Categories: Ship, Het, Humor, Drabble, Lower Decks

Pairings: Ken Dalby/Jenny Delaney

Characters: Ken Dalby, Jenny Delaney

Spoilers: Reference to The Three Minute Universe by Barbara Paul

A/N: A drabble for no particular reason. Kenneth Dalby gives something back to the crew.

Disclaimer: Go ahead and sue me, Paramount, you know you want to. Na na na na naaa.


"There's a science to it." With great care, Ken Dalby adjusted the heat beneath the makeshift still. "It's also an art form."

Jenny Delaney watched him, a smile of amusement playing across her face. "Most art doesn't cause blindness."

"You're obviously unfamiliar with the great Vinithi artist Berengaria," Dalby said. "Besides, I can keep the side effects to a minimum this time. These hops are far superior to the last batch."

Jenny shook her head as he explained in excruciating detail. "Will this be on the final, Professor Dalby?"

He chuckled and reached for her. "Everything's always on the final."

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