Xanadu by Spiletta42


by Spiletta42


In Xanadu, set in season 7 between Death Knell and Heroes, SG-1 travels to P3X-427 in order to complete mining negotiations. Daniel arrives ahead of the others, and just before their arrival, he learns the rules of an upcoming ceremony. When the rest of the team steps through the stargate, Daniel addresses Carter as Jack's wife. Sam and Jack continue the charade, with increasing enjoyment, but upon return to the SGC, Carter falls ill. Janet discovers that a chemical bond has formed between the two -- they are addicted to one another, and separating them for any length of time could prove fatal. Naturally, it takes several days to track down the source of this bond and cure it, by which time Daniel has helpfully found -- or more accurately forced -- a loophole in the regs, legalizing Sam and Jack's offworld marriage. An epilogue shows us that aside from these happy nuptials, season seven's canon plot has continued unhampered.

Return to Xanadu, set in season ten, leaves canon intact as well, except that Sam and Jack have now been married three years, and owe their happiness to Daniel.

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