The Power of Words

by Spiletta42


Rating: ST-17™©


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Warnings: Rated ST-17™© for sexual content and adult language.

Categories: Ship, Het, PWP, Experimental

Pairings: Janeway/Chakotay

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Spoilers: None

A/N: They're not bad. They're just written that way. I'm pushing it with this one, but there are four words I never use in my writing, and I was challenged to not only use all four, but to put them into dialogue. Here's the result. Set in some AU where the relationship has been consummated. (Sometime after my brilliant novel length masterpiece Filling the Void would work.)

Credits: Thanks to ScaryMoments75 for the beta and to Susie Bright for the dare.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the universe. All hail TPTB. (Bet they'd love this piece.)

The Power of Words

"Commander, my ready room, now." She couldn't help it. He just looked so damn good today. She had to be alone with him.

He followed her. She moved behind her desk and invited him to take a seat. He did so.

"Computer, engage privacy locks."

They sat studying each other across the desk. Her breath quickened as her eyes left his handsome face to roam over his uniform, knowing every inch of the perfect body it concealed. She wanted him, but they were on duty. Never while on duty; they had promised that when they had finally taken down the invisible barrier between them.

"Tell me what you'd do, if this weren't the ready room," she said softly. "Tell me exactly what you'd do if we weren't on duty."

He swallowed, and she watched the movement of his throat closely. Her eyes moved up to his lips. She loved his amazing lips.

"Tell me," she said again. "Tell me every detail."

"I'd kiss you," he answered softly. "I'd take you in my arms and kiss you. Softly at first. Then I'd tease your lips apart with my tongue, and taste your mouth. I'd find your tongue with mine. And while I kissed you, I'd run my fingers through your hair."

She sighed. "Yes, that's nice. Don't stop."

"You really want to hear this now?"

"Yes, Chakotay, I really want to hear this. Now."

"Well, then that uniform would have to go. I'd unzip it. Push it off your shoulders. Toss it aside. Then I'd pull that shirt off over your head, mussing your hair. You look so sexy with your hair mussed.

"I'd kiss you again. I couldn't help myself. Not with you standing there in your bra, with your disheveled hair making me ache for you."

She reached up and mussed her hair, just to watch the heat build in his eyes.

"Kathryn," he gasped.

"Don't stop," she told him. "And don't leave anything out."

"My lips would leave yours to kiss your elegant throat, and my hands would slide up and down the bare skin of your back. Then my thumbs would find your nipples. I'd tease them through the fabric of your bra until they were so hard they ached."

"They're hard now," she breathed.

He gulped.

"Keep talking."

"I'd take off your bra and take one of those luscious nipples in my mouth. I'd suckle it softly, teasing it with my tongue."

"I'd like that. Tell me more."

"I'd unfasten your pants and push them off your hips. I'd slip a hand into your panties to feel how wet you were." He looked her in the eye. "You are wet, aren't you?"

She shivered, feeling naked under his gaze. "Oh, yes. Very."

"I'd push you back and down onto the couch. I'd pull your panties off, kneel down, and spread your legs. I'd look at you, all wet and swollen, waiting for me. I'd kiss your creamy thighs."

He paused in his narrative, and she looked at him. Saw his desire for her in his eyes. Felt her own desire, throbbing between her legs. She felt as if she could orgasm just from his words. "Please, go on. Tell me everything. Every detail."

"I'd use both hands to open those wet, swollen lips, so I could see between them. So I could watch your clitoris throbbing there, wanting to feel my tongue."

"I'd move slowly, tracing around it first with my finger. Lightly, oh, so lightly. You'd try to press more firmly against me, but I wouldn't let you. I'd lower my mouth and slowly lick you, tasting you. You taste so good.

"I'd use a finger to enter you, so that I could feel those slick walls grip me when you came. But I wouldn't let you come yet. No, I'd want this to last.

"My tongue would touch your clitoris now. Gently. I'd tease it, listening to you gasp. I'd circle it with my tongue. Then, when you were moaning and thrusting your hips, I'd lap at it until you exploded."

She was breathing fast. The slightest touch would send her over the edge. Oh, how she longed for that touch.

"I'd feel your inner muscles gripping my fingers as your body shuddered in climax. I'd hear you call my name. I'd be so hard with want of you."

"Like you're hard now?"

"Yes, like I'm hard now."

"You want me. Take me."

"Not yet, my love. First, I'd let you catch your breath. Then I'd lower my mouth once again to kiss between your legs. I'd suck on you until you were moaning and squirming once again. I'd suck your clitoris between my lips and I'd slide my fingers in and out of you until you were screaming in orgasm once again."

She squirmed in her seat. The first time they had made love he had done just that. She had come in his mouth twice before he had finally slid into her.

"Then I wouldn't be able to wait any longer. I'd get up off my knees and kiss you deeply, letting you taste your own juices on my face. Then I'd unbutton my pants - "

"And I'd finally see your magnificent cock," she finished for him. "I'd lick your moisture from the tip, and suck that beautiful cock into my mouth. I'd reach back and take your balls in my hand, so I could feel them tighten, and I'd slide my lips up and down your hard, throbbing cock."

"Spirits, Kathryn!"

She smiled. She had never used the word cock before, and she knew that was what shocked him. He was very familiar with her oral skills.

"I want to suck your cock right now," she announced. "I want to suck it until you come, so I can swallow every drop. Then I want to sit in your lap so you can put your hand down my pants and play with my pussy."

That shocked him. She'd certainly never said that word before. Not to him or anyone else. She grinned, looked him right in the eye, and licked her lips. "I'm so wet right now. I need you."

She got up from the desk and moved around in front of his chair. She dropped to her knees.

"Kathryn, we can't."

"You can't go back to the bridge with this raging erection. Let me take care of it." She didn't wait for his answer. She undid his fly and released him. Hard and eager, fluid glistening at the tip, it was perfect. How had she survived all those years without it?

She took him in both hands and ran her tongue slowly around the tip of his cock. He moaned. Her thumb knowingly rubbed up and down the ridge on the underside of his erection as her tongue continued its teasing.

He moved eagerly in her hand. She wished he was naked, so she could tease his thighs with her hair. He liked that, she knew. She wanted to play with his balls, perhaps even take them in her mouth. She wanted to kiss him, and run her tongue over his broad chest. But none of that was possible here, in the ready room, with Tom and the others on the other side of the door.

She wanted to take her time, but she had to admit that would be an error. It was the middle of the shift and they could be interrupted. She took him into her mouth and drew back, creating suction.

"Kathryn," he gasped.

She settled into a rhythm, her lips sliding up and down his shaft until he shouted her name and spurted his hot seed into her mouth. She swallowed every drop, then looked up at him and licked her lips.

"Your turn," he whispered when he caught his breath.

"No," she answered reluctantly. "We really can't, but I expect to see you the moment alpha shift ends. Now get back to the bridge before they all guess what we've been up to."

"Aye, Captain."

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