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All fic must be Willow/Kennedy friendly. That means no pairing them with anyone else once they've met in canon. Relationships they've had in the past do have an impact on their characters, of course, so if portions of your fic include Willow/Tara or Willow/Oz or something of Kennedy's past, that is fine. All other Buffyverse pairings are acceptable in ensemble cast fics, the only requirement is that fics be clearly labeled.

Clearly label all fic with appropriate warnings, ratings, and pairings. Subject line for fic should contain:

N/0 (new or old)

F/U (finished/unfinished)

S/D/P (story/drabble/poem)



NFS: The Scary Demon T W/K Faith/Wood 1/1

We will no longer be using the MPAA ratings system. Please use the new fiction ratings system from fictionratings.com : K, K+, T, M, ST-17, and MA are all acceptable. (I hope we don't need X -- email me privately if you think you do). MPAA ratings are allegedly copyrighted and we don't want to be shut down.

Reasonably on-topic discussion welcome, and that includes anything within the Buffyverse, including mentions of projects involving BtVS/AtS alum. No flaming. Zero tolerance spam policy. If you like these rules, sign up.