The Way It Is

by Spiletta42

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Rating: K+™©


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A/N: I couldn't do a Voyager story without a J/C scene, so I included one in a story about Seven of Nine and the Doctor (Bodily Experiences rated ST-17™©). Then I realized that there were many people who wouldn't see it, hidden in that story, so here it is again in drabble form.

The Way It Is

The captain stared out of her viewport. As she had predicted years ago, her crew was pairing off. She remembered Chakotay's question, and her answer. As captain that's a luxury I don't have. That was when she still had Mark, safely waiting on Earth, a convenient excuse to hide her feelings.

She didn't hear the door chime, but wasn't entirely surprised when Chakotay appeared behind her. He stood so close she could feel the rise and fall of his chest, but he didn't touch her. Neither spoke. This is how it was with them. Not together, but never really apart.

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