Star Trek Voyager fanfiction writer Spiletta42's entry in the Summer 2004 Voyager Blue Alert contest. Includes fanfic featuring Captain Kathryn Janeway, Commander Chakotay, Lieutenant Tom Paris, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, Ensign Sue Brooks, Ensign Deborah Lang, Ensign Brad Harrison, and Ensign Noah Mannick.

Graphic by Dakota

Spiletta42's Summer 2004 Voyager Blue Alert Entry

Four fics that I believe use sexual interactions to reveal character depth and plot development.
For T rated fic check my main index.

Existing J/CEntertainment ValueAfter the events of Fair Haven, Chakotay takes action. Second Place in Ripples in the Pond. Slightly A/U Drama/Romance J/C 4,298 words.(ST-17™©)April 2004
New J/CIdealsNEW! Janeway and Chakotay try to balance a command relationship with a personal one. Third Place. Drama/Romance J/C 4,199 words.(ST-17™©) June 2004
Other PairingsThe Klingon Sex ManualNEW! Tom Paris gets some assistance in his pursuit of the love of his life. Second Place. Romance/Humor. P/T Delaney/Dalby Neelix/Ch'Rega J/C 5,696 words.(ST-17™©) June 2004
Slash PairingsQuestionsNEW! A lower decks story. Ensigns Brad Harrison, Noah Mannick, Sue Brooks, and Deborah Lang adjust to life in the Delta Quadrant. Romance/Drama. Harrison/Mannick Brooks/Lang 20,199 words.(ST-17™©)June 2004

A Few Words of Thanks

A number of people contributed to this entry, either with beta work, graphics, or other services. Thank you in no particular order to Dakota, Diana Forester, Anne Rose, Shadeshark, and Cress!

For Klingon Sex Manual For Klingon Sex Manual
For Filling the Void

Spiletta42's fics are posted with pride on:

Spiletta42's Autumn 2003 Voyager Blue Alert Entry

Existing J/CBargains KeptChakotay holds Kathryn to a promise she made, then she returns the favor. A racy little PWP. J/C 3938 words. (ST-17™©) May 2003
New J/CQuiche and Real MenA certain Starfleet Admiral and her first officer find alternate uses for the groceries and then do laundry. Honorable Mention. Romance. J/C 3861 words.(ST-17™©)October 2003
Other PairingsEducationEver wonder how Chakotay came by all the special skills he demonstrates in so many fics? Third Place. Romance. C/Sveta 2015 words. (ST-17™©)October 2003

Older Entries

From Spring 2002 and Autumn 2002
Existing J/C
Fall 2002
Adventures Aboard
The Alpha Flyer
Home at last, a certain couple takes off in Chakotay's new runabout. Romance. J/C 1600 words.(ST-17™©) August 2002
New J/C
Fall 2002
The All Purpose
Sex Scene
So what do you do when you've just read a beautiful PG-13 story, but really want to know what happened off camera? Meet the solution: Simply insert where needed. PWP J/C 4712 words.(ST-17™©) November 2002
Other Pairings
Fall 2002
Bodily ExperiencesThe Doctor and Seven of Nine make some interesting discoveries. In the meantime, Megan Delaney and Chell get to know each other better. EMH/7 Megan/Chell P/T J/C. 7640 words.(ST-17™©)October 2002
Existing J/C
Spring 2002
Filling the VoidMy classic novel length tale of crew conspiracy. Third Place Romantic Comedy. J/C 94,128 words.(PG-13)
April 2002
New J/C
Spring 2002
Not Even MemoriesA healthy combination of angst and smut. My 'just once' fic. J/C 2945 words.(ST-17™©) May 2002

Other Erotic Voyager Fic

BurningHere's a unique plot. What if Janeway, and not Torres, was the one affected by Vorik's pon farr? First Place in Ripples in the Pond. Drama and romance. J/C 3216 words.(ST-17™©) May 2003
IthacaShore leave and a lovely hot spring... Romance J/C 1356 words.(ST-17™©) July 2002
The Power of WordsA very naughty little piece set in the ready room. PWP J/C 1341 words.(ST-17™©)May 2002
SlumberThe events immediately following Waking Moments. Second Place in Behind Closed Doors.. Romance/Angst J/C 2186 words.(ST-17™©)August 2002
An Unlikely CureA silly excuse for smut. Romantic Comedy J/C 3641 words.(ST-17™©) January 2002
Without GuiltThe captain enjoys a different sort of shore leave. First Place in Astrogirl's Winter Magic. J/f 3834 words.(ST-17™©)December 2002

Spiletta42's J/C Fanfiction

Graphic by Dakota
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