Tale of the Turbolift

by Spiletta42

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Rating: ST-17™©


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A/N: And here I sit, writing Star Trek fanfic in iambic meter. And ST-17™©, too. Disturbing. Written for the Turbolift division of the Bat'leth Wielding Furby's Voyager Fanfic Competition.

Tale of the Turbolift

The captain rushed to stop the lift

Before the door closed in her face

It was the end of Alpha shift

She had to get to Sandrine's place

Where she and Tom had made a date.

A game of pool would make her grin

For Mister Paris soon would see

His captain was quite sure to win

His rations she would have for free

Her coffee budget guaranteed.

Chakotay leaned against the wall

And smiled to see his captain here

Her presence great though she was small

His heart sang out when she was near

Both dearest friend and silent love.

He loved the way her blue eyes gleamed

And knew that meant a scheme afoot

Her smile grew; she fairly beamed

Tom Paris in his place she'd put

Perhaps he'd tag along and see.

A thud, a thump, the lift did stop

Between two decks it was quite stuck

Onto the floor they both did flop

A wait was likely; darn the luck

The pilot's rations now were safe.

Chakotay caught his captain's eye,

"What shall we do to pass the time?"

She laughed at what he dared imply.

"There's Jefferies Tubes; we could just climb."

He smiled back and shook his head.

They sat and talked and time did pass.

The floor was hard; repairs not fast.

B'Elanna's team they did harass

But length of stay was not forecast.

"Perhaps we both should get some rest."

"You need a pillow, use my lap."

His offer made her smile grow

Cause truth be told, she craved a nap.

Her needs, it seemed, he'd always know.

How did she earn this dear sweet man?

She laid her head upon his thigh

And closed her eyes that sleep might come.

It didn't; she let out a sigh.

His nearness made her body thrum

But protocol made her lie still.

As time went by her mind was changed

Why let her heart be ruled by pips?

Their status could be rearranged

She lifted up to kiss his lips.

"Chakotay, please, I need you now."

His joy burst forth; her kiss returned.

He pulled her close and held her tight

As through his flesh desire burned.

Her tongue sought his to his delight

His love was finally his tonight.

Their clothing fell upon the floor

As hands and mouths sought naked skin

Between her legs he did explore

With fingers he did press within

She screamed and thrashed and begged for more.

She pushed him over on his back

Impaled herself upon his rod.

And reached behind to stroke his sac

She rose and fell; they both cried loud.

"My darling I am yours from now."

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