Summer Squall

by Spiletta42

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A/N: Written for Triple Crown. Summer Squall won the 1990 Preakness Stakes.

Yes, this is one of the graphics from PPP in 2002; I never did finish anything for that contest.

Summer Squall

Distant thunder rumbled. Chakotay hoped an approaching storm didn't end their picnic. Weeks had passed since he and Kathryn had shared down time. He loved the earthy smell of the fresh grass beneath them, and the caress of the summer breeze on his skin. Most of all, he loved Kathryn's relaxed smile.

Rain burst from the sky. Chakotay reached for his combadge, but Kathryn caught his wrist.

"Don't." She turned her face into the squall. "I love the rain."

Barefoot on the wet grass, they let the sun bake the brief shower from their clothes. Rain couldn't spoil shore leave.

Triple Crown

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