Uncharted Territory

by Spiletta42

Uncharted Territory by Spiletta42

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Warning: Sexual imagery.

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Spoilers: Endgame

A/N: Written for Koffee Klub's Awesome Author Award poetry category. Captain Kathryn Janeway finds new territory to explore.

Credits: This didn't require too much reference material, but I probably should thank my beta. Thank you for the beta, Squirrelly.

Uncharted Territory

Fingertips roam this alien landscape:
A visit often dreamed,
Finally realized.

Soft sheets frame art to rival any star.
Toned muscles, sprinkled hair.
Joy in deep brown eyes.

Flowers discovered on ten thousand worlds
Cannot fill the senses
Like his spicy scent.

No foreign delicacy feeds hunger
Like the sweet salty taste
Of a lover's skin.

A sigh of pleasure sings to ears and heart
Universal music
Satisfies the soul.

Wonders of the galaxy far and near
Cannot compare to love
Cherished together.

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