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Warnings: Explicit sexual content.

Categories: Ship, Het, PWP

Pairings: Chakotay/Sveta, Janeway/Chakotay

Characters: Chakotay (primary), Sveta

Spoilers: Pathways by Jeri Taylor

A/N: Ever wonder how Chakotay's so darn good in bed in all of those fics? Well, he learned more at Starfleet Academy than just tactical strategy and anthropology. Travel back into his past and meet Sveta. She has previously been seen in Jeri Taylor's Pathways.

Credits: Thank you to Sheri for serving as technical advisor and to Brianna for letting me borrow the rocking horse.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the universe but they don't seem to be using it right now. Thanks to God for the invention of sex.


Cadet Chakotay had been at Starfleet Academy for only a few weeks, academic courses had not even begun, and already he had a date. Svetlana Korepanova, a pale blonde with piercing gray eyes, had captivated him completely in just the few minutes they had known each other. She had asked him to meet her at the arboretum. He couldn't believe his luck. A beautiful young woman wanted to meet him at the arboretum.

When he arrived, she was already waiting. He glanced at the chronometer.

"Don't worry," she said. "You aren't late."

"I thought women liked to keep a man waiting and then make an entrance?"

"Maybe, but I'm really not into that sort of game playing." She grinned. "Too much work, and there are so many better ways to have fun."

"So tell me about yourself," he said as they strolled through the arboretum. He had been surprised that she was from Ekaterinburg, Russia, and not from some distant planet.

"We'll have time for that later," she answered. She stepped in front of him and kissed him soundly.

Caught off guard, he stood frozen and let himself be kissed. She tugged at his lower lip and pressed her tongue into his mouth. Only then did he recover enough to respond, kissing her in return and raising his hands to tentatively stroke her back.

She moved back and picked up the bag she had dropped on the ground. It contained a blanket, which she spread on the ground. She sat and kicked off her shoes. "Are you planning on joining me?"

He looked down at her and realized he was staring. With hands clumsy from nerves, he pulled off his boots.

As soon as he knelt on the blanket, Sveta pushed him back and kissed him. Her tongue swept into his mouth with demanding urgency as her small hands worked their way under his tee shirt. Chakotay felt hard-pressed to breathe, even before she started rubbing his nipples.

"Have you been with a woman before, Chakotay?"

His mind returned to Trebus, and a young girl with long black hair. He'd kissed her. She'd even let him see her breasts, but it hadn't gone further. A wife would have spoiled his plans for a life beyond his tribe. "Do you mean..." He let his words trail off, unwilling to admit his inexperience.

"That's okay," she said, her voice soft. "I'll show you the ropes. You don't have to worry about anything."

His head spun. Just what did she have in mind?

"I think we'd better take the edge off, don't you?" She laughed softly, her hands moving to the closure on his pants. "I don't want you to come too soon when we have intercourse."

To his people, what Sveta was offering was a sacred thing, not to be taken lightly. But he didn't follow the customs of his people any more. He had stepped forward, into the twenty fourth century, and this was what it meant to embrace an era not ruled by mythology and ancient tradition.

When she opened his pants and took out his throbbing member, he was sure he'd explode in her hands immediately. He groaned, his hips lifting as he thrust against her. She squeezed him firmly, her hand sliding up and down his thick erection with steady strokes.

So much sensation. The pleasure spread through his body in waves, erasing all other thought as the incoming tide erased footprints on a sandy beach.

He roared, lifting upward, and spurted all over her hands and his own stomach. Swallowing air in frantic gulps, he listened to the pounding of his own heart and waited to see what she would do next.

Sveta caught his eye and licked his essence from her hands, then bent to kiss him. Given time to think, he might not have let her, but to his mild surprise it wasn't unpleasant. It proved erotic to taste himself on her lips.

She sat up and pulled her shirt off over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, and he gasped at the sight of her full round breasts and pale pink nipples. "Go ahead," she said. "Touch them."

He reached up, mesmerized, and cupped one in his large hand. His fingers looked dark covering her pale white skin.

She lay back and he rolled on his side, gently caressing the underside of first one breast and then the other. Boldly, he traced one of her nipples with a fingertip.

She sighed softly. "That feels nice." She took his hand in hers and drew his finger into her mouth. Her tongue circled his fingertip and she sucked gently. Then she returned his hand to her breast.

Taking the hint, he teased her nipple with his moistened finger and watched it harden.

She ran her fingers through his hair, then pulled his head down to her breast. He took a nipple between his lips, sucking gently, and heard her gasp. "Yes, just like that."

He worshipped her breasts, suckling them with delight. His penis hardened again, pressing against her thigh. She pushed him back and tugged at his pants. He rolled away and pulled them off. When he turned back to her, she was naked.

He swallowed, his eyes gliding over her body. He had only seen naked women at a distance before, and none of them looked like Sveta. Pale white and slender, with a soft patch of blonde hair pointing downward, she took his breath away.

She took his hand and guided it down between her legs. Soft curls tickled the palm of his hand. Her skin felt butter-soft under his fingers, and when she pressed his finger between her folds he found her slick with moisture. His penis twitched with eager anticipation.

"Making love is a sport, an art form," she said. "Your partner's body becomes your canvas."

"You make a beautiful canvas," he said. He moved lower.

She parted her thighs in invitation and he pushed one thick finger inside of her. He watched his own hand, glistening with her wetness, sliding in and out of her sex.

"Rub my clitoris," she said. She held herself open with one hand while she guided his fingers with the other. "Right there."

He rubbed gently and watched her, amazed at her reaction. She squirmed under his touch, lifting her hips and thrusting herself against his hand. Her soft cries of pleasure and encouragement fueled his own desire.

"Harder, yes, like that, yes..." She rocked against his hand, raising her knees. "Oh, I'm gonna come, yes..."

She cried out and he felt her convulse under his fingers. Her head tossed back and forth against the blanket and her breathing came in labored breaths. Finally, she pushed his hand away and beckoned.

He kissed her, and she reached down to stroke his throbbing member.

"I want you inside of me," she whispered.

Feeling awkward, yet powerfully aroused, he moved between her open thighs. He pressed the head of his erection between her lower lips and pushed. They both grunted in discomfort as he missed her opening.

She reached down and guided him through her folds. "Right there."

He slid inside, amazed at the warmth and silky slickness. Her muscles gripped him tightly and he nearly lost control.

"Easy," she whispered. "Just relax a minute." She stretched up and kissed him, her hands stroking through his hair and down his back.

He panted against her neck, trying to gain control as he pulsed within her warm depths. So this was what it was like to be inside a woman.

"Okay." Her hand stroked his buttocks.

He started to thrust, his movements stilted and jerky before he caught the rhythm.

"That's right," Sveta whispered. "Do me nice and slow. Fill me with that nice big cock."

Her voice both soothed him and drove him wild. He'd never heard a woman speak such words, let alone whisper them in his ear.

Her legs wrapped around his waist and he could feel her heels pressing against his buttocks. "Give it to me, Chakotay. Come inside me."

He panted in her face as his body took control. He thrust deeper, then he was spurting into her, his body shuddering with pleasure. He collapsed on top of her, his body covering hers until she rolled him away and his spent member slid out of her.

They lay quietly for a few minutes, then she sat up and handed him a towel from her bag. "You'd better get cleaned up and dressed if we're going to take that stroll."

They didn't linger at the arboretum, but instead walked around the Academy grounds, finally ending up at a little coffee house. He drank sweetened tea and they chatted until she realized her roommate might start to worry.

He left her at her door and walked back to the dorm, awed and breathless. Whatever expectations he might have had she had exceeded.

Sveta lay on her back, naked, the stream of sunlight from the window making her pale skin glow. "Taste me."

He lowered his head, smelling the scent of her arousal. He dragged the tip of his tongue along her lips, then pressed forward to taste her wetness. His tongue slid upward, and she gasped.

"Right there," she said. "Lick my clit."

He slid his tongue around her throbbing nub, encouraged by her obvious enjoyment. He circled it and flicked it gently.

"Yes, yes..." She thrust against his mouth. "Suck it, Chakotay. Suck my clit."

He quickly obeyed, delighted at her reaction. When he alternated between sucking and licking she sobbed in ecstasy. He moved lower, thrusting his tongue into her as deeply as he could reach, and then returned to the sensative bundle of nerves.

She convulsed against his mouth, shouting her pleasure, and he kept licking her gently until she pulled his head away. He moved up to lay beside her.

She rose up and kissed him. "I love to taste myself on the lips of my lover," she said. "It's earthy, sensual."

They had been studying for hours, and Sveta declared they had earned a break. He grinned, knowing what she meant by that, and watched as she stood and rapidly shed her clothing.

When they were both naked, she sprawled across his bed. He joined her, kissing her and fondling her breasts.

"Put your finger inside me," she whispered.

He didn't need to be told that twice.

"Now curl your finger. Yes, like that. Feel that?"

There seemed to be a bump under his finger. "That?"

"Yes," she said. "That's my g-spot. Rub it."

He rubbed gently.

"Harder," she said. "A lot harder."

This time he had it right, because her eyes rolled back in her head. The bump seemed to grow, and he stroked it until she screamed and convulsed around his finger. When her eyes opened she grinned. "Think you can find that spot with your cock?"

He was on his back, partially leaning against the headboard, with Sveta straddling him. She rose and fell slowly, her inner walls gripping his erection, testing the limits of his control.

"Lift your legs," she said. "Bring your thighs up behind me."

He did, and she leaned back against them. "Now rub my clit."

From this position he had easy access to her whole body. He cupped a breast with one hand while the other moved to stroke her. She began to pant. "Yes, yes...oh that's good."

He began to thrust up to meet her movements, and it didn't take long for them both to explode with pleasure.

"That," she said, "was the rocking horse. What did you think?"

"That was great," he answered. "I love you."

She shook her head. "That's sweet, but you don't, not really. Someday, after you've met the right woman, you will." Sveta laughed. "And she'll love me too."

Twenty-seven years later...

"That was wonderful," Kathryn said, her voice husky with pleasure. "How is it that you can always make me feel like this?"

"Someday I'll introduce you to Sveta," Chakotay said. "For some reason, I think you'll like her.

"Not that Sveta wasn't passionate, for she was, in a straightforward, unabashed way that left him breathless and awed. But she turned out to be a complicated young woman, possessed of many aspects, some of them seemingly contradictory. Affectionate and compassionate, she exuded a concern for others that Chakotay found extraordinary. On the other hand, she held strong opinions about many things, and had a stubborn streak that wouldn't be dislodged with a photon torpedo and a tart tongue that could sting like a scorpion." Pathways


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