The Goblin Returns

by Spiletta42

Marvel PP/MJ

Rating: T™©


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Warnings: None

Categories: Ship, Het, Poetry, Haiku, Action, Humor

Pairings: Peter/MJ

Characters: Peter, MJ

Spoilers: None

A/N: My only excuse is insomnia.

Disclaimer: Stealing from Marvel Comics and Stan Lee, but only very briefly.

The Goblin Returns: A Spider-Man Haiku Series


Webs reaching sticking

Spidey flies above the streets

Night time in New York.

The Fight

Spider sense tingling

Goblin glider coming fast

Snag it with a web


Osborn isn't dead

MJ watches news with fear

Peter's late tonight.


Bruising battle fought

Peter Parker lies in bed

MJ makes him soup.

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