by Alanesian and Spiletta42

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The opposite of a songfic. This song was written in honor of a fanfic. (Filling the Void).


Someday we both can speak the words

The words we both have longed to say

The words we both have longed to hear

We'll finally speak those words someday.

Someday the lonely nights will end

Our long trip home will be complete

And I'll be lying in your arms

Someday we'll share the night so sweet.

Someday, a one word promise full of love

Someday, a tiny word so full of hope

But promises aren't always words

For now, my love, we'll have to cope with Someday.

Someday you'll be more than my friend

My closest friend, my life support

I can't say how I really feel

But Someday, love, you can be sure.

Someday parameters will change

You deserve far more from me

And I want so much more from you

But someday soon we'll both be free.

Someday, I'll be lying by your side

Someday, we won't be bound by protocol

When this long trip is at it's end

The walls we've built can finally fall.


I live for Someday (Someday)

Someday (Someday) Someday

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