Planet of the Smurfs

by Spiletta42

Planet of the Smurfs by Spiletta42

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A/N: So, what if Janeway and Chakotay were Smurfs? (You remember those little blue cartoon characters from the 1980's).

Captain Smurfy

Planet of the Smurfs

Captain Smurfy looked out the window. It certainly was a smurfy day. She hurried out to smurf some berries so they could smurf them for breakfast.

She saw Chakotay Smurf smurfing wood. "Hi, Chakotay Smurf," she smurfed.

"Hello, Captain Smurfy," he smurfed. "It certainly is a smurfy day!" He smurfed over to her. "It's even smurfier now that I've smurfed you."

"I smurf you, Chakotay Smurf," Captain Smurfy smurfed. Then she smurfed him and he smurfed her back. They smurfed some more, quite smurfily. It certainly was a very smurfy day.

They smurfed smurfily ever after, because protocol wasn't smurfy.

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