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Warnings: Rated ST-17™© for sexual content.

Categories: Ship, Het, PWP, Episode Tag

Pairings: Janeway/Chakotay

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Spoilers: Waking Moments

A/N: Happy Birthday Sylvia! I give unto thee...a Waking Moments fic.

Disclaimer: Oh mighty Paramount, give these tortured souls their hearts' desire. This, we beg of thee. Please, oh please, TPTB, grant us this, our tiny plea. No? Okay, you asked for it. Here's destiny.


Voyager had escaped yet another brush with disaster. The journey home continued. Usually, a close call resulted in a tired crew. And despite the fact that they had all been unconscious for days, this was no exception.

The captain insisted it was; she had work to do. They had slept for days. She'd just spend a few hours catching up, that was all. Why should she promise to get some sleep? She'd just slept more than she did in the average month. Okay, fine. She'd have something to eat. Good enough?

Chakotay, unfooled yet exhausted, left Kathryn to her coffee and turned in the moment he had the chance. Had he bothered to think about it, he would have expected the deep, dreamless slumber that usually followed REM sleep.

Instead, he fell into a vivid dreamscape, instantly recognizable not by the brilliant full moon of earlier dreams, but instead by the presence of his spirit guide.

"Go to her," the reptile said. "Now is your chance. Do not waste it."

Seemed a bit dramatic for the prelude to an erotic dream, but it wasn't advice he had any desire to ignore. He set off in search of Kathryn. In his dreams, there was no protocol.

He found her, not surprisingly, in her ready room. She was standing, staring out the viewport. Only his Kathryn could look that beautiful in a plain gray tee shirt. He went to her and slid his arms around her waist.

She leaned back against him. "I've been waiting for you."

"Is that so?"

"I had a few thoughts while I waited."

"I suspect I might like those thoughts." He pressed a kiss to her cheek and trailed his lips down her neck.

A gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. She turned to face him and reached up to stroke his tattoo. "I'm most certain that you will."

He leaned into the warmth of her hand against his face. "I've had a few thoughts of my own."

She laughed. "I was hoping you did."

A slight turn of his head, and his lips brushed the delicate skin of her wrist.

Her fingers lightly stroked his lips. "I want to touch every inch of your skin."

"Then you shall," he breathed. His entire being focused on the movement of her fingers. Ever so lightly, they danced over his face before skating into his hair.

His own hands did not remain still. He tugged her shirt from her trousers and slid his hands up inside to draw indistinct patterns on the soft skin of her back.

He bent his head and kissed her. It was amazing, to kiss this woman. No one moved him as she did. His tongue sparred softly with hers as their bodies pressed tightly together. Tonight would be memorable.

It felt so good to be in his arms; to run her fingers through his hair; to kiss him; to taste his breath and feel the warmth of his body against her own. She could feel the ridge of his erection against her stomach. Soon...the shiver of anticipation reached her core.

His light but scorching touch blazed a path up her back. She wiggled her hips against him and enjoyed the way his groan vibrated through her body. Her hands labored to find space between their bodies, seeking the buttons on his shirt. She needed to feel the heat of his skin.

The shirt fell to the floor. With a step back, she sacrificed the delicious feeling of his hands upon her in exchange for a visual feast. He was a beautiful man.

Her eyes took in the golden skin, the hard muscles, the passion in his dark eyes. Those eyes. She could spend an eternity staring into the depths of those eyes.

She shrugged off her own shirt and returned to him. The need to taste his chest could not be denied. Her tongue drew a teasing path around a nipple until it glistened. His breath came in short pants, and he moaned.

As much as she wanted to taste every inch of his smooth golden skin, the ache between her thighs would not be ignored. She dropped to her knees before him.

Her slender fingers quickly unfastened his trousers and she pushed them off his hips. His rigid length moved eagerly in her hand as she stroked him through the fabric of his boxers.


Smiling, she looked up at him. "Yes, my love?" She watched his face as she lowered his boxers and again took his hard shaft in her hand. Her fingers explored gently and she leaned forward to lick the bead of moisture his arousal had produced.

He shuddered and gasped something that may have been her name. She felt the throbbing between her own legs intensify as she took him into her warm mouth.

Her lips slid up and down his aching shaft as she reached to stroke his balls and the sensitive flesh behind them.

"Kathryn," he gasped. "Stop."

She looked up at him again. His eyes were closed; his expression strained. "Are you sure?"

The words drew another groan from deep within him. She laughed and took in as much of his length as she could manage. "I'd like to finish what I started."

She drew back, creating suction. He didn't argue again as his control slipped and he began to thrust towards her. His hands tangled gently in her hair.

She circled her tongue rapidly, then blew a stream of cold air over his aroused flesh. Again, she took him into the warmth of her mouth. She settled into a rhythm, her lips sliding up and down until he cried her name and she tasted his hot seed.

Licking her lips, she rose to her feet.

"Spirits, Kathryn." He pulled her against his body and kissed her soundly. "Now I think you are a bit overdressed."

Starfleet issue gray cotton fell to the floor. His hands eagerly sought her breasts, and she gasped as his palms rubbed her aching nipples.

His mouth blazed a trail down her throat and sent her pulse scampering. He started to back her towards the couch but she stopped him.


Her eyes glittered mischievously. "The desk."

"The desk?"

She nodded. "The desk."

Together, they made their way slowly to the desk. Progress was impeded slightly by the frequent stops their heated kisses required. At one point her pants joined the other clothing on the ready room floor. They reached their destination. He wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her onto the surface of the ready room desk.

His fingers stroked her thighs as he leaned in to taste her mouth again. Her thighs parted invitingly as he lightly teased the soft skin of their inner surface.

She looked down, enjoying the sight of his big hands against her creamy white skin. A gasp escaped her as his thumbs barely grazed her final bit of clothing. "Chakotay, I need you."

"You have me, my love. Always."

"Then take me." She lay back across the desk, arms above her head, legs spread, and watched the way her erotic pose affected him.

"Spirits, Kathryn." His voiced was strained. He bent to press a kiss to the inside of her knee.

"Don't tease," she protested.

"Patience, my love." His lips meandered up her thigh to softly kiss her through the damp fabric she still wore.

She cried out, begging for more with voice and body. He could deny her no longer. He removed the offending garment and lowered his hot mouth. A strangled cry rose from her throat at the intensity of sensation. Her world centered on the tender, swollen flesh between her thighs. Nothing mattered except his tongue, which traced torturously slow circles around her aching bundle of nerves.

How was it possible to feel this much? It was ecstasy, yet she was desperate for release. She tossed her head and struggled for oxygen with short, panting breaths.

At long last, his tongue pressed more firmly against her, and her hips rose off the desk as she shuddered through an explosive climax. He didn't end his ministrations. His whole mouth pressed into her, tasting, teasing, and sucking gently, pushing her upward into a state of bliss previously unimagined.

A long, knowing finger entered her and sought out the spot inside that swelled at his touch. He rubbed in rhythm with the stroking of his tongue against her centre. She sobbed his name, reveling in the way he had made her lose control.

Her muscles clenched again as she screamed out his name. She slowly returned to reality. He was watching her, his eyes black with passion.

"Beautiful," he murmured. "So very beautiful."

She reached for him, and he climbed up onto the desk to join her. She rose up, trembling slightly, and kissed him. "That was amazing."

"Want some more?" He moved over on top of her, his hard length nudging eagerly at her entrance.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust up against him. They both moaned at the feeling of completion as he slid home. He was throbbing within her, but he didn't move yet. He kissed her again.

Deliberately, she clenched her inner muscles around him. The action drew a groan from deep within him, and he began to thrust in slow, measured strokes. With awareness heightened by arousal, she took in every detail.

The way his hot breath tickled her skin; the play of his muscles beneath her exploring hands; the feeling of fullness within her; the building of her own need for release once again.

Their eyes met, and they held each other's gaze as he pumped into her. Such love and passion in his eyes. Her hand reached to stroke his face.

His hand wandered down to explore their joining. She shuddered at the increased sensation. "Faster."

Then she was beyond speech or thought as the sparks of pleasure shooting through her body ignited another explosion within her. She thrashed up against him, and the spasms of her release pulled him over the edge after her. He thrust hard, giving her his final measure.

They collapsed together, shuddering. They struggled for breath and whispered words of love. After a few minutes, he found the strength to stand and help her off the desk. They crossed to the couch, where they curled up together and drifted off to sleep.

Kathryn woke up with a serious crick in her neck. What was she doing sleeping at her desk, anyhow? Chakotay had been right, she should have turned in hours ago. Chakotay was so thoughtful, always looking out...Chakotay...memories of her dream came back to her. And what a dream! She often had erotic dreams about her handsome first officer, but this one...this was different. It had been so intense. Those details couldn't have come from her imagination.

Then again, what other origin was possible? She tried to shrug off thoughts of the dream species whose space they had just vacated. Certainly they weren't responsible.

She swallowed hard and reached for her combadge. "Janeway to the Doctor."

"Yes, Captain?"

"Have you discovered anything new about our recent encounter? Side effects, anything like that?"

"As a matter of fact, Captain, I was going to contact you. It seems a few crew members have experienced some lingering effects. Nothing to worry about, though. They won't last much longer."

She found her voice. "Thank you, Doctor."

So it was possible. She and Chakotay...well, it didn't matter. They'd been asleep. It wasn't a breach of protocol. They didn't have to acknowledge it. It was just another thing they would put aside, until the day they reached Federation space. Then...well...then they'd stage a little encore performance right here.


But was that fair to Chakotay? She knew the truth. Shouldn't he? But how could she tell him, without crossing that line? She got up from the desk and crossed to the couch. There wouldn't be another chance to sleep tonight. She had too much to consider before morning.

Chakotay couldn't seem to get the dream out of his mind. It had been amazing. Just amazing. Certainly a dream to remember. He headed for the bridge. When Kathryn called him into the ready room, he couldn't help but look at her desk and remember. Guiltily, he looked up and met her gaze.

She treated him to a crooked smile. If he hadn't known better, he would have thought she knew exactly what he was thinking. There was definite mischief in her eyes.


"Yes, Kathryn."

"I wanted to thank you for your concern last night, when you suggested I get some sleep." She paused. "I thought you should know, I had the best sleep of my life last night." Her hand rubbed the surface of the desk. "I hope to sleep that well again, someday."

He swallowed hard. Did she mean what he thought she meant? How could that even be possible. "I hope that you will."

She slid a PADD across the desk. "This is the Doctor's report on communal dreaming. I think you'll find it very interesting."

Ready Room

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