The All Purpose Sex Scene

by Spiletta42

The All-Purpose Sex Scene by Spiletta42


Rating: ST-17™©


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Warnings: Explicit sex written in a purposely overblown manner.

Categories: Ship, Het, PWP, Humor

Pairings: Janeway/Chakotay

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Spoilers: None

A/N: So what do you do when you've just read a beautiful T™© rated story, but really want to know what happened off camera? Meet the solution: The All Purpose Sex Scene. Simply insert where needed. Written for Voyager Blue Alert, this is dedicated to all of those who claim I never write a happy ending. So here it is, and it's nothing but happy ending, because there's no plot whatsoever. This is overblown, cliche ridden, one hundred percent PWP. If you require plot, then read pretty much anything else. Or you could read Masquerade or A Gift From The Heart first and consider this the next scene.

Disclaimer: All hail Paramount, corporate master of the universe. Thanks to God for inventing sex.

The All Purpose Sex Scene

"Kathryn?" The question remained in his eyes.

"Yes, Chakotay. This is real." She once again pressed her lips to his. For so long she had yearned for this; she wondered now why she had denied them both for so many years.

Then he slid his hands into her hair and deepened the kiss, and her mind had no room for wondering. There was only his warm, solid body, pressed against hers; his soft, moist lips, full of tenderness and passion; his gentle hands, caressing and teasing.

The kiss ended. They drew apart slowly, and her mind scrambled to corral her thoughts. "We need to promise each other, promise ourselves, that no matter what else happens, we will remain friends. I couldn't stand to lose what we have if things didn't work out. And there's Voyager; we'd still have to work together - "

He smiled and laid his finger upon her lips. "My practical Kathryn."

"Chakotay, I'm serious, we - "

"So am I, my love. Let me promise you, right now, that nothing will ever make me stop loving you. I will always be by your side. Nothing will stop me from fulfilling my duty, as your first officer, as your friend, and as the man who loves you more than life itself."

The words that had sought escape from their prison for seven long years fought their way up her tightening throat. "I love you too."

Their lips were drawn together again. Neither knew how much time had passed before they stopped to gaze at one another once again. There were tears on both of their faces.

She chewed her lip again. The hold protocol had upon her wasn't easy to shake. "Ship's business is going to get carried in here. I don't think we can keep that from happening. We just can't let this, let us, interfere with duty."

"We won't," he said. "It might be hard sometimes, but we can do it."

"Yes, we can," she said. Words became unnecessary as their lips met again.

Euphoria spread through her at the joy of finally being free to hold him, and be held by him. She delighted in the way his shoulder muscles rippled at her touch while the fingers of her other hand slid through his hair.

Eventually his lips left hers to begin an exploration of her throat. His tongue dipped into the hollow there and sent a jolt of desire through her, but he stopped to gaze at her once again.

A mischievous grin spread across her face. "Don't stop now!"

"I can't believe this is real." He pressed his lips to her cheek. "I keep thinking that this must be a dream."

"Could you dream this?" She pressed her body firmly against his and kissed him fiercely.

"I love you," he gasped. He still appeared dazed by the turn of events, although his eyes were dark with passion.

She turned her back to him. "A little help with this zipper?"

"Spirits, Kathryn." He stood behind her. His fingers were trembling a bit as he lowered the zipper. Or perhaps she was trembling as his fingertips brushed against her spine. His arms closed around her waist, and he kissed her neck from behind.

"I've dreamed of holding you like this," he whispered into her hair. He rocked her back and forth for long moments, pressing gentle kisses to her cheek. Then his hold loosened as he stepped back to kiss the flesh exposed by the open zipper. He pushed it off her shoulders.

The dress fell to the floor, forgotten, and she turned to free him from his own garment. She had to see him.

"Once we make love, there is no turning back." His hands closed around her face. "You will belong to me, as I have always belonged to you. I will not let you go."

"I don't want you to let me go," she said. Maybe his warning should have scared her, but it didn't. This was indeed forever. She slipped her hands into his shirt, splaying her fingers across his bare chest and pressing her lips to his collarbone. The male scent of him surrounded her, no longer concealed by uniform and distance.

She felt him gasp against her hair, and looked up to study his face. The hungry gaze he turned upon her sent shivers up and down her spine. Her eyes roamed over his bare chest, and she moved to kiss him again.

They tumbled back onto the couch. Chakotay slid his lips down her throat and covered her body with his own. His arousal pressed into her belly and she couldn't suppress a moan at the movement of his amazing mouth against the sensitive skin behind her ear.

Her hands eagerly explored his muscular back and shoulders. How long had she wanted to feel the heat of his flesh beneath her hands.

One of her hands meandered down to his buttocks, the other stroked his hair, and her thigh was pressed tightly against his hip. His hand stroked teasingly up her side, lightly brushing the side of her breast.

She broke their kiss to make a suggestion. "Let's take this into the bedroom."

He stood, took her hands in his, and pulled her to her feet. He lifted her hands and pressed kisses into each of her palms. Her eyes drifted shut. "I love you," she gasped, shivering as he moved his lips along the inside of her wrist.

Her hand caught his and she laced their fingers together. Their eyes met as she kissed each of his digits in turn. When she reached his index finger she slid her tongue up its length and drew it into her mouth.

Mischief sparkled through her. She held his hand in both of hers, slowly sucking his index finger in and out of her warm, moist mouth. At each withdrawal, her tongue slowly circled his fingertip, and each time she drew it back into her mouth she let him feel the light scraping of her teeth.

"Spirits, Kathryn," he breathed. His free hand slid down from her waist, pulling her firmly against him.

A new wave of desire swept over her as she pressed herself into him. It was a struggle to continue the game. "Do you like that, Chakotay?"

"Oh yes," he replied in a strained whisper. "I like that very much."

"Good." She stretched up to kiss him. Her lips sought out his earlobe, nibbling gently until she heard him gasp. The sound had a powerful effect upon her as she savored her ability to cause it.

Together, they began to drift towards the bedroom. They kissed again. Her hands wandered over his skin and lightly traced the contours of his muscles. Her lips left his to follow the path her fingers had taken and when her tongue found its way to his nipple she heard him gasp.

She looked up at his face, enraptured by his look of pure pleasure. The passion in his eyes was for her. For so many years, she had loved this man. And yet she had never seen this part of him; had never seen him aroused; had never revealed her own lust for him. Her exploring hands discovered the closure on his trousers and opened it with a deliberate lack of haste, her eyes never straying from his face.

Chakotay stood frozen as she stood before him and pushed his pants off his hips. His eyes drifted shut. When her mouth returned to his chest he shuddered.

His response made her smile against him. "Finally," she murmured. Her pulse raced as his hands traced circles on her back. Her heart raced and her body ached with need as she felt the effects of his touch in places he had not yet visited.

She continued to kiss his chest as her hand danced over his posterior. Eventually she could wait no longer to reach her goal. His rigid length moved eagerly in her hand as her fingers closed around him.

"Mercy, Kathryn," he pleaded, his voice strained. He took a step backwards towards the bed. She dropped down to press wet, open-mouthed kisses to his firm stomach and thighs before wrapping her fingers around his pulsing member once again.

Savoring the erotic paradox that was the male organ, she rubbed her thumb along the underside and then pressed her lips to the base of his shaft. Short hairs tickled her chin and she heard him groan as her other hand moved to explore further.

Slowly, she placed feather light kisses up his length, drawing nearer to the sensitive tip and finally parting her lips to taste the bead of moisture. Her tongue circled slowly, experimenting, as her hands slid up and down his shaft.

"Is the door locked?" he asked hoarsely.

Amused, she looked up at him. "Do you want to go check?"

"I don't think I can." He sounded more than a little breathless. "But - "

"Computer, engage privacy locks." She vibrated her lips against him and circled her tongue erotically.

"Stop, Kathryn, please." His request was at odds with the movement of his hips. Torn between obeying his plea and continuing, she took him more fully into her mouth. His voice was barely audible. "Not before you. Stand up Kathryn."

She climbed to her feet and surrendered to a kiss that left her breathless. She clung to his shoulders for support as his lips wandered down her throat and she couldn't help but cry out when his hands finally reached her breasts, his thumbs rubbing her almost painfully erect nipples through the fabric of the garment she still wore.

"You're overdressed," he said, and set about correcting the situation. His shaking fingers traced the outline of her bra, and their eyes met as he released the clasp.

"Beautiful." His hands roamed up and down her sides as he bent to kiss her shoulder. "So very beautiful."

She shivered as his lips traveled along her collarbone, and smiled. No man had ever been this good for her ego. No man had ever been this good.

Never before had her desire so overwhelmed her senses. Her breasts had been aching for attention for what seemed an eternity now, and every nerve ending in her body seemed to be connected to the throbbing ache deep within her gut that was, for her in this moment, the center of the galaxy. She ran her fingers through his hair and tried to encourage his incredible mouth lower.

He wouldn't be hurried. His tongue continued to tease the sensitive points on her neck and shoulders, moving slowly but deliberately downward.

His hands stroked up her ribcage, his thumbs never quite reaching her taut nipples as they gently caressed the sides of her breasts.

Finally he took them in his hands, learning their weight and shape, just as his tongue slid down her breastbone. She gasped, desperate for more, her whole body quivering.

This slow teasing was driving her to distraction, and despite her attempt to surrender control to him, she was not a patient woman. Her hands slid from his hair, one clinging to his shoulder while the other traced the shape of his ear. "Chakotay, please."

She laughed softly when he picked her up, wrapping her arms around his neck and stealing another taste of his solid chest. They landed on the bed together, and she reached up to run her fingers over his face.

Her capacity for rational thought evaporated as he lowered his head and kissed each of her rosy peaks before sucking one into his mouth. His tongue circled slowly even as his hand crept lower, stroking over her abdomen and then reaching to dance teasingly up and down her thigh.

From someplace deep within her mind she heard herself moaning. Her hands searched desperately for any part of his hot skin she could reach. Flames of desire licked through her body at the gentle tugging of his lips.

He paused, and she opened her eyes. He was gazing at her again, a look of wonder on his face. She reached to pull his head down firmly, her mouth meeting his in a demanding kiss. She drew his tongue into her mouth, grazing it with her teeth as she sucked upon it.

They were both groaning. He had one hand in her hair, the other on her hip. When her hands left his head to wander downward, he pulled away.

To her frustration, he moved his body out of her reach and continued in his methodical worship of her body, placing hot, wet kisses across her flat stomach while he traced indistinct patterns on the soft skin of her inner thigh.

Tortured ecstasy sent a cry from her lips as his fingers brushed over her remaining garment. Almost sobbing with need, she squirmed beneath him as he dragged his lips and tongue slowly across her belly.

Completely at his mercy, she found herself more aroused than she had ever been. She wanted to plead for his touch, but couldn't seem to find her voice. It was hard enough to draw a breath. Her head rolled helplessly against the pillow as her hands reached futilely towards him.

Every touch, every caress, every kiss was keenly felt throughout her body. Her panties were drawn away and his lips began to travel slowly up the inside of her leg.

After an eternity his hot mouth descended, his tongue gently parting her tender, swollen flesh to begin a detailed exploration of the territory. A strangled cry rose from her throat as an intensity of sensation washed over her.

Her concentration narrowed to include only the movement of his tongue as it traced agonizingly slow and gentle circles around her swollen, aching bundle of nerves. Her conscious mind was unaware of the tossing of her head against the pillow, or the sounds emanating from deep within her as she writhed beneath her lover's skillful mouth.

His tongue pressed more firmly against her and her mind exploded as her muscles convulsed, her hips rising as her back arched, her entire body shaking. She was flying, unconnected to anything solid, as she shuddered through a series of exquisite crescendos.

She was again aware of his hot breath upon her as she started to regain her sense of reality, but he wasn't willing to let her rest. He pressed into her with his entire mouth, tasting, teasing, stroking, and sucking gently as he drove her relentlessly towards another climax with fingers, lips, and tongue.

Sobbing his name, she thrust against him, powerless to even consider holding back. All control was gone, and it thrilled her.

His name burst from her throat as this second hurricane of pleasure ripped through her. Then he was between thighs, pressing emotional kisses to every inch of her face as his hard length nudged eagerly at her entrance.

Her eyes opened and she took in the sight of his face, contorted with need, looming over her. His features blurred as he moved in to kiss her again. "Chakotay, please," she mumbled into his mouth as she rocked against him. "I need you."

Slowly he slid the tip of his erection through her wet, swollen folds, teasing her before he immersed himself within her, gasping her name. She pushed upwards to press her lips to his as she reveled in the glorious feeling of their merging, both the physical sensation of penetration and the long awaited joy of being as one with the man she loved.

Every detail was branded upon her mind by the heightened awareness of her arousal. The slight rasp of his sparse leg hair against the smooth skin of her thighs; the heat of his breath against her neck; the satisfying pressure of his length encased within her.

Lost in the sensation of him throbbing deep within her body, she caressed his face; his ears; his neck; his shoulders. One hand wandered downward, enjoying the play of muscles beneath her fingers and marveling at his tight, shapely buttocks.

He began to move and the physical need once again building within her overpowered all else. She wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust against him, matching his rhythm. A moan rattled in the back of her throat.

With some effort she opened her eyes, wanting to see his face, and bore witness to his struggle for control as rivulets of sweat trickled down his chest.

She urged him on with body and voice. He increased the pace. His hand explored their joining, increasing her pleasure and drawing a moan from her throat.

Then she was beyond speech, beyond thought, as an impossible third climax rocked her body. She was thrashing against him, shouting his name, and he was shouting as well as her spasms of release served as the catalyst for his own response. He thrust hard, her name on his lips, and shuddered violently as he emptied himself within her.

They were both panting, covered in a sheen of perspiration, struggling for breath as they clung to one another, murmuring words of love. She felt him softening inside her, and he shifted to lift his weight off of her body.

"No," she whispered, not willing to lose the intimate contact so soon. "Wait."

He stayed as he was and kissed her, tracing her lips with his tongue before pressing slowly into her mouth. She returned his kiss, pushing his tongue aside to thoroughly explore his mouth before pulling back a bit to suckle his lower lip.

Her fingers traveled slowly over his face. She couldn't get enough of him. When he shifted to lay down beside her, cradling her against his side, she propped herself up on one unsteady elbow and began tracing circles on his chest.

"I love you so much," she whispered. "How can I ever show you how much?"

"My Kathryn," he murmured. "You already have." He captured her wandering hand and brought it to his lips. The gentle touch sent shivers down her spine, and she shifted to resume her exploration of his chest, replacing her fingers with her lips and tongue.

Her entire body felt limp with exhaustion, yet to her astonishment her hunger was not sated; she wanted him again. She wanted to make up for seven years of waiting in a single night, and she didn't care that it was impossible. She was determined to try.

His skin quivered under her slow assault. She straddled him and teased his nipple with her tongue. Her breasts rested upon him, and he reached to take one in his hand, his thumb mirroring the actions of her tongue.

His hands slid up her back and into her hair. He ran his fingers through it and brought a strand to his lips.

As her lips nibbled their way back up his throat she noticed where the majority of his attention seemed to be focused and smiled as an idea took form. She shuffled backwards to lower her head to his chest and deliberately tickled his skin with her hair.

Quivering skin and a strangled cry of pleasure resulted. She moved lower, intent upon testing her new toy upon every inch of his golden flesh.

Taking great delight in the way his breath quickened and his skin shivered, she dragged her hair back and forth across first his chest and then his abdomen. When she reached his groin she took a lock between her fingers and trailed it with agonizing slowness up his twitching length. He groaned loudly.

She wanted to take him in her mouth again, but knew he'd be expecting that. Instead, she dragged her hair back up his abdomen and chest before her mouth descended hungrily upon his nipple.

She loved the way it felt when she pressed her tongue against it, and she loved the way it made him gasp and squirm when she drew wet circles around it. Lifting her head, she blew a stream of air over his damp skin and listened as he gave another strangled gasp.

"Kathryn, you're going to give me a heart attack." He chuckled and ran his hand down her back.

She laughed against his chest. Her mouth and fingers continued their methodical teasing, lingering over the places that seemed to draw the strongest reaction.

His caressing fingers were distracting her from her goal, and as he had done earlier, she moved herself out of his reach.

She knelt beside him and watched his face as her fingers trailed up and down his thighs, advancing and retreating with unhurried movements.

His eyes were closed and his mouth hung open slightly as he struggled for air. Bending forward, she replaced her fingers with her hair, sweeping it across his thighs, and then with a suddenness that left him groaning, she took his rigid length between her lips.

She slid her lips down his shaft, tasting the wetness from their earlier joining. After making him wait all of these years, she would now hold back nothing. The musky taste of sex pleased her more than she expected. So animal; so exciting. She drew back, creating suction, and circled her tongue rapidly.

He cried out and she repeated the action, settling into a rhythm and taking great satisfaction in giving him this pleasure.

Nothing existed outside this experience as she savored every detail. His uncontrolled sounds of passion; his soft skin moving with her actions; the quick pulse of a blood vessel against her lower lip; the scent of him filling her nostrils.

He was so hard and yet so soft, like duranium sheathed in the finest Rigelian silk. She tickled the underside with her tongue, thrilled at his response. One of her hands had been absently stroking his thigh, and now it crept between his legs.

"Kathryn," he gasped. "Please..."

"Shall I stop?" she asked innocently, her mouth still surrounding him. Her words vibrated through him and he shuddered.

She released him to trail a series of gentle, nibbling kisses up and down his shaft as she considered her options. Many of her fantasies involved following this particular act through to completion, yet the need to once again feel him deep inside her body was overwhelming.

Chakotay's hand was in her hair, and she turned her face to look up at him. Their eyes met. Not breaking eye contact, she slowly licked her lips, then lapped at him once again, circling her tongue rapidly before taking him deeply into her mouth.

He groaned loudly, his eyes rolling back in his head. The sight of his obvious enjoyment inspired a new rush of dampness between her thighs and her decision was made.

Rising swiftly to straddle him, she held herself above him and grasped his length, trying to summon enough self control to torment him for a moment. She didn't dwell on her failure when she sank down to take him fully, groaning at the intensity of her pleasure.


Leaning forward a bit, she smiled down at him and ran a teasing finger over his chest. She watched his face, waiting for him to open his eyes again, and when he did she began to slowly rotate her hips.

He moaned her name again, his breath ragged. He reached again for one of her breasts and she pressed into his touch. She deliberately clenched her inner muscles, tightening around him, and felt him throb in response. She did it again, and leaned forward to swallow his moan in a deep kiss.

This time she was in control. She rose slowly, until she held only the tip of his erection within her, and then slowly took him in once again. Her hand reached back to fondle his balls.

She rose and fell slowly over him, her thighs trembling with the unaccustomed exertion. They were both moaning almost continuously now, and he began to meet her thrusts as her pace quickened.

Suddenly they were both moving frantically together, calling each other's names with whatever breath they managed to take. She flung her head back as her entire body convulsed, and she felt the warmth within her as he followed her into oblivion.

They collapsed together, unable to move, barely able to draw breath. For many minutes they lay still, allowing their bodies to recover.

"You are a talented woman, my love." He stroked the hair away from her face. "That was amazing. You are amazing."

"You inspire me." She roused herself enough to kiss the hot flesh beneath her cheek. "I can't put it into words, how you affect me."

He chuckled softly. "You don't need to. I understand, Kathryn, and I love you too."

Would those words always amaze her? She stretched to kiss him once again, glad that his amazing lips were no longer forbidden fruit.

"I've dreamed of this night so often," he told her. "I'm so glad that it happened the right way."

"It sure did."

He played with her hair. "I was afraid that someday we would just lose control, up against the wall of the turbolift - "

"Sounds like fun," she said. "We'll have to try it sometime."


She grew more serious. "However it happened, it would have been perfect. We were meant to be together."

"Yes, we were."

"Still, we should test that theory."


"Yes. We should act out each of our fantasies; see which one is most...satisfying. For scientific purposes, of course."

"Of course. I've had certain wicked thoughts about the shower, myself. You with me?"

She grinned. "Always."

"Computer, shower setting Janeway Alpha." Her voice alone stirred him. She stood, waiting for him before stepping into the water. She was perfect.

His eyes traveled over every inch of her creamy skin, studying those strong, lean shoulders that often bore the weight of the galaxy upon them, lingering on her perfect breasts, skimming down over her flat stomach to her shapely legs...

"Chakotay, will you be joining me?"

He grinned sheepishly. "I was just admiring the scenery. You take my breath away, Kathryn."

That adorable crooked smile spread across her face. "You're not so bad yourself, mister." She turned and walked into the spray of water.

He followed, admiring the backside that had held his attention frequently over the last seven years. Finally it was free of those black Starfleet pants.

When she turned to kiss him again, his hand slid down to cup her buttocks, pulling her firmly against his body. A third time was probably impossible tonight, but she was equally impossible to resist.

"I've always wanted to wash your hair," he said. His fingers danced up her back and slid through the damp strands.

She smiled and handed him the shampoo. He opened it and breathed deeply. It was a familiar scent. One that sparked a dozen memories of stolen moments when they had been close enough for him to smell her hair.

The steam surrounded them as she turned her back to him, letting him massage the shampoo into her hair. He carefully made sure that not a single strand was overlooked as he worked the lather.

"Turn around," he whispered. "I want to see you like this, with the lather framing your face."

She turned, smiling at him, and he was again amazed at her beauty. It was an intimate moment, and it made the changes of this night seem even more real to him. Finally, he was seeing his Kathryn as he hadn't before.

Her hand reached up to touch his cheek, and he realized he was crying. He laughed softly and tasted her lips again. Then he turned her once more so that he could rinse the soap from her hair. His hands slid down onto her shoulders, massaging them gently as she leaned back against him.

It wasn't possible to ignore her breasts, or to keep his hand from skating down between her legs. She gasped as his fingers parted tender flesh to gently rub her center. Impossibly, he felt himself stirring as she moved against him.

She turned, smiling. "Again?"

"You inspire me," he said. He pressed her back against the shower wall and kissed her deeply. The soap fell to the shower floor, forgotten. A third time wasn't impossible after all.

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