Reed Richards in action, in a more traditional sense; copyright Marvel Comics.

Secret Lives of Super Heroes: Reed and Sue

by Spiletta42

Marvel Reed/Sue

Rating: ST-17™©


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Warnings: none

Categories: Comicverse, Ship, Het, PWP, Humor, Superpowers Kink

Pairings: Reed/Sue

Characters: Susan Richards (primary), Reed Richards

Spoilers: none

A/N: Written for no good reason at all. Meet Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. You know all those impossible things you see in bad romance novels? Well, this guy really can reach all those places at once, and Sue has some skills of her own.

Credits: I couldn't find a beta for this one, wonder why?

Disclaimer: Paramount would probably greatly relieved to know that I'm not stealing from them tonight. No, this time Marvel Comics is the one that might find their toys have been borrowed.

The Fantastic Four; copyright Marvel Comics.

Secret Lives of Super Heroes:  Reed and Sue

Reed had been down in his lab for far too many hours. Sure, Sue Richards was proud that her husband's brilliance had often saved the Earth, but it was Valentine's Day. Their son Franklin was at the Massachusetts Academy, Ben was courting Alicia Masters, and Johnny was off pursuing some new flame, so why couldn't the fate of the world wait for a few hours?

The Negative Zone Watch Station could occupy Reed's attention for hours, but Sue knew exactly what sort of distraction he might enjoy. Wearing nothing but a smile, she set off to pursue her prey.

Now, Sue was no ordinary woman, and when she wore nothing but a smile, an observer saw literally nothing but her smile. She turned her entire body invisible, leaving only her lips and pearly whites, and floated down the stairs on an invisible bubble of energy produced by her mutation.

Unlike many super heroes, Sue was not a mutant by birth. She and the other members of her team, including her younger brother Johnny, her husband Reed, and Reed's best friend Ben, had received their powers in a freak encounter with cosmic energy. Those powers had frequently saved the planet from destruction. Tonight, however, they would be purely recreational.

Not unexpectedly, Reed was completely engrossed in his work. He didn't notice as she floated across the lab. Later, she'd have to scold him. It was dangerous to pay so little attention to one's surroundings. But for now, she just took advantage of the situation and circled around to hover behind his lab counter.

When she was sure that her actions wouldn't cause a dangerous chemical to splatter across the room, she slipped beneath the table and stealthily opened her husband's lab coat. Beneath it, he wore his Fantastic Four uniform. Made of special fabric of his own invention, it not only accommodated his super-human abilities, but also came equipped with a nearly invisible front closure.

Sue opened it quickly, before Reed had time to process what was happening, and engulfed his soft organ in her warm, moist mouth. Reed gasped in surprise and might have pulled away if she hadn't projected an invisible force field behind him.


The lab table faded to reveal a pair of red lips which Reed knew belonged to his wife. Those lips slid up and down his rapidly hardening member, which seemed to disappear into empty space. Warm, moist empty space.

He groaned, and reached down to stroke her invisible hair. This interruption was quite welcome. His arm lengthened to slide down her back. As he had expected, she wasn't wearing her uniform, or anything else. His hand moved lower still, over her buttocks and down to thrust a finger up into her welcoming depths.

Sue gasped and her mouth released his pulsing member. Reed backed away from the currently transparent lab table and helped his semi-visible wife to her feet. She stood before him, revealing tantalizing bits to his hungry eyes. Rudy red lips, smiling seductively. The curve of a breast. A whisper of true blonde.

His arms lengthened to draw her against him, and he tasted those sweet lips. They kissed for long minutes; his arms engulfed her in warm rubbery folds as his hands roamed her transparent body.

Her silken skin shivered beneath his exploring fingers. He unwrapped one of his elongated arms from her body and slung it through one of the beams on the ceiling. Then he nudged her legs apart and stretched a foot up to snag the staircase railing.

Sue straddled his body as he stretched it into a giant hammock. Fully visible now, she grinned down at him. "Isn't this better than research?"

He lengthened his neck to kiss her again, his free hand tangling in her hair. With lips and tongue, he followed the curve of her neck down to her shoulder. He kissed his way up and down her spine, savoring her shivers of anticipation, before returning to the hollow at the base of her throat. Moving lower, he suckled each of her nipples in turn. Her fingers slid through his hair, holding him to her. He pushed her back to lean against his thighs. He wanted to taste every inch of her skin.

Sue gasped as his mouth returned to her breast. Reed knew exactly how to drive her crazy. Concentration proved challenging, but she managed to erect a force field and use it to lift herself up so that she floated directly above his erection.

She lowered herself slowly, taking him in one inch at a time, and his voice rumbled through her as he groaned against her skin. She clenched her inner muscles as he throbbed within her, filling her completely. His mouth inched lower, teasing her naval.

He pressed her back against his elongated thighs and his tongue snaked down to lick her quivering center. She cried out, her hips thrusting against the contact.

His head pressed against her belly, holding her firmly against his thighs, as his tongue explored their joining and rose to trace light, teasing circles around her throbbing nub.

She cried out with pleasure, squirming as he twisted inside her, his flexible length rubbing skillfully against exactly the right spot within her depths. The sensations built until she exploded, her visibility winking in and out until she fell back exhausted against his thighs.

He'd followed her into ecstasy, and she could feel the result trickling down between them.

"How about a shower?"

"Only if we can share it," he answered.

She grinned and used her invisible force field to float them up the stairs together, completely hidden from any prying eyes.

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