Star Trek Voyager fanfiction writer Spiletta42's entry in Purple Comet's A Novel Idea. Includes fanfic featuring Captain Kathryn Janeway, Commander Chakotay, Lieutenant Tom Paris, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, the EMH, Seven of Nine, Neelix, and Susan Nicoletti.

Spiletta42's A Novel Idea Entry

Three novel length fics that represent a variety of J/C oriented fanfiction.

Spiletta42's A Novel Idea Entry

Sci-fi/DramaEclipsedNEW! The EMH keeps a secret from the rest of the crew. A/U spun from Course: Oblivion Sci-fi/Drama. J/C EMH/7 P/T Ne/Ni 26,582 words. (T™©) June 2005
Drama/AngstInstitutionalizedVoyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant but Janeway is denied a hero's welcome. Drama/Angst. J/C 27,828 words. First Place in Ripples in the Pond.(T™©) May 2004
Romantic ComedyFilling the VoidAn older fic, but my most popular. Tom Paris leads the crew in a complex scheme. First Place in J/C Fichaven's Decathlon: Fifteen Hundred Meter Run. Romantic Comedy. J/C 94,128 words.(T™©)May 2002

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A Few Words of Thanks

A number of people contributed to this entry, either with beta work, graphics, plotbunnies, or other services. Thank you in no particular order to Ris, Anne Rose, Squirrelly, Kim, Dawn, Diana Forester, Alanesian, Scary Moments, and Dakota.

Past Purple Comet Entries

In Black and WhiteDo SomethingA little fun with everyone's favorite hero, Ace Reporter Buster Kincaid. Comedy. 1421 words.(T™©) September 2002
In ShortGossip In The SandJaneway and Chakotay spend some down time together. Romantic comedy. J/C A shore leave story of 2,000 words. (T™©) June 2003
Lyrically SpeakingSomedayThe opposite of a songfic. (T™©) April 2002

Spiletta42's J/C Fanfiction
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Thank you to all of my betas!
Alanesian, ScaryMoments75, Kim, Anne Rose, Shayenne, Brianna, Squirrelly, MsBeast, and Cress.

Thanks to Dakota for many wonderful graphics

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