The Protocol Paradox by Spiletta42

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Pairing: J/C
A/N: Written for Dakota's Decathlon, 100 Meters, hosted by B'Elanna Torres. Who loved finding ways to flout Starfleet procedure more than B'Elanna? Here's a drabble she'd appreciate.
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dividerThe Protocol Paradox

Chakotay found Admiral Kathryn Janeway in his office, eyes blazing with the fury of a warp core. She pulled off her pips, one by one, and dropped them on his desk.


"They fired me."

"They fired the hero of the Delta Quadrant?" He pried her hands from her hips. "What on Earth for?"

"For sleeping with you."

The obvious protest remained unspoken and he tried his luck instead. "In that case, we'd better make it true, don't you think?"

Her voice dropped to the husky tone he heard in his dreams. "In that case, I don't mind being fired."


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