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Warnings: Mild sexual imagery.

Categories: Ship, Het, Fluff, Romance

Pairings: Janeway/Chakotay

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Spoilers: Set in season seven, no specific spoilers.

A/N: Written for Astrogirl's Monster Mash. I considered doing an episode addition to The Haunting of Deck Twelve, but since that no doubt would have turned out as angst ridden as the rest of my episode additions, I decided to let them go to a party instead.

Disclaimer: Stealing from Paramount wasn't enough this time. I've also borrowed from Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, George Lucas, Grant Naylor, and the BBC, but only a little bit.


It had sounded like a good idea at the time. Kathryn Janeway stood staring in the mirror. She felt ridiculous. Whoever heard of a starship captain dressing up if they met up with a Borg cube half way through this silly party? What then?

Jean Grey Summers, aka Marvel Girl, aka Phoenix.  Image copyright Marvel Comics.

At least the elaborate mask hid her face. If the Doctor was snapping holoimages, at least she would retain plausible deniability. No one would be able to prove that it was really Captain Kathryn Janeway beneath this getup.

Tom would know, of course. It had been his idea. But she could handle Tom. She'd just have to make sure that no one else guessed her identity. Any of the female crew could be dressed like this; okay, so she was shorter than most of them, but it was still possible to remain undetected. Few among the crew would expect their captain to even attend the Halloween party, especially in costume.

Even Chakotay wouldn't be sure she was attending.

The first officer studied his image in the mirror. The mask Tom had supplied completely obscured his features. Even his eyes were hidden beneath the silly red goggles. If everyone was outfitted as cleverly then it would be impossible to identify anyone. It might be fun; after seven years together a night of anonymity could be interesting. The fact that Tom had included a number of holocharacters would enhance the element of mystery.

He wondered if Kathryn would attend. It would be good for her to move about among the crew without having to be their captain. Tom would certainly have provided her with an ideal costume for that purpose.

Scott Summers, aka Cyclops.  Image copyright Marvel Comics.

A wide array of characters filled the holodeck. It was impossible to tell the crewmembers from the holograms. Assorted ghoulish figures mingled with colorfully dressed superheroes and dignified historical figures.

Abe Lincoln shared an animated discussion with Jim Kirk. As Janeway approached, she was vastly amused to realize that they were debating the merits of leola root. Was that Neelix in a latex mask, or just a hologram Tom had programmed to trick the crew?

There was a hairy alien in a leather ammo belt, and a man with a giant letter H stuck to his forehead. That he was a hologram was quickly apparent, because when he collided with her, she passed right through him.

"In twentieth century sci-fi, there were plenty of holograms who weren't made of hard light," Tom's voice explained.

She looked around, and it took her a moment to identify him. "Spider-Man, Mister Paris?"

The mask hid his smile, but she could hear it in his voice. "I'm impressed. Have you read the comics?"

"I believe our characters are acquainted," she said. Even as she chatted with Tom about the classic characters they were representing, her eyes sought Chakotay. Would Tom have dressed him as her character's beloved husband?

Chakotay knew her instantly, even across the crowded room. Those were Kathryn's splendid legs beneath that short green skirt. A rare sight which had nonetheless burned itself into his memory. The magnificent wig, although redder than her natural color, reminded him of a time when she wore her hair longer.

His feet carried him across the holodeck to where she stood chatting with a superhero in red and blue spandex. He thought he heard her laugh as he grew nearer, but she fell silent as her eyes turned to him. Her companion whispered something and disappeared.

Of her identity he was certain; those piercing blue eyes were unmistakable despite the red tint his goggles cast upon them. She probably knew him as well. But neither had to admit it. He didn't speak. He simply held his hand out to her in silent invitation.

She followed him onto the dance floor, and as he took her into his arms, any remaining doubt was erased. He knew her scent as surely as he knew his own name. No costume could disguise it; no hologram could imitate it.

He molded her body to his own, pulling her closer than he had ever dared before. So often he had longed to hold her in his arms, and he planned to take full advantage of tonight's situation. This dance would continue until they were interrupted. A lifetime would not be long enough.

Hot breath feathered against her neck. The sensation was one of many which united to excite her senses. His body was warm and solid, and his heart seemed to pound in rhythm with her own racing pulse. She could feel the play of his muscles as they moved to the music.

The spandex he wore left little to the imagination, and the evidence of his arousal was unmistakable. Her own body responded, reminding her that she was more than just the captain of a starship. And tonight she didn't have to be captain. On this dance floor she was simply a woman.

He knew she could feel him against her belly. He did not pull away. Let her feel wanted, desired; let her know how much he loved her, even if the words could never be spoken. His hand slid down below her waist and his lips moved softly against her neck.

They hovered on the edge of danger as they moved upon the dance floor. Lips whispered over exposed skin as hot breath sent shivers down each of their spines.

She was the first to seek his mouth with her own, reaching up to barely nibble his lower lip. Her ridiculous winged mask scraped against his goggles, and they both laughed breathlessly.

It should have ended there, perhaps, but instead of bringing them back to reality the shared laugh rippled through their bodies, which still pressed tightly together.

He tasted her lips again, groaning when her tongue sought entrance to his mouth. Everything around him dimmed as he drowned in his Kathryn.

What had began as a game had become very real. They couldn't pretend it hadn't happened, or that they had thought they were kissing strangers. And suddenly Kathryn had no desire to hide her feelings behind a mask.

She drew back from Chakotay and wished she could see his eyes as she looked up at him. Still, she didn't speak. Her hand found his, and she led him from the holodeck.

He followed her mutely, his heart pounding in a mixture of fear and excitement, his mind barely able to function. When he found himself at the door to her quarters he didn't even remember having left the turbolift.

The door slid closed again, and she stood before him, her eyes upon his face. Her hands came up and carefully removed the elaborate mask. She stepped closer, reached up, and removed his goggles.

Then she kissed him again.

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