S/J Heroes


by Spiletta42

SG-1 S/J

Rating: T™©


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Warnings: None

Categories: Ship, Het, Angst, Poetry, Episode Tag

Pairing: Sam/Jack

Characters: Sam Carter (primary), Jack O'Neill

Spoilers: Heroes

A/N: This poem also appears on a wallpaper I made, found here.

Disclaimer: Stealing from MGM and Gekko again, but only very briefly.


Everyone thought they were lovers
Joined at the hip day and night.
Yet duty held back their passion.
Choked back emotion,
A constant companion.

Words of devotion stayed silent
Confessions avoided their lips.
Love expressed only through action
Guarded in each of their hearts
Friendship almost enough.

One terrible moment it shattered.
Duty demanded its price.
In a timeless minute of violence,
Words left unspoken were mourned.
One more chance, one more chance . . .

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