A Modern Fairy Tale

by Spiletta42


Rating: T™©


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Warnings: none

Categories: Ship, Femslash, Action, Drabble

Pairings:  Kate/Ashley

Characters: Kate Freelander, Ashley Magnus

Spoilers: Only for my season three hopes.

Summary: Ashley's knight in shining armor breaks her out of the tower.

A/N: Written for the International Femslash Day 2010 Drabblethon at femslash100 (prompt: guns).

Disclaimer: Damian Kindler's playground.

A Modern Fairy Tale

Kate found her. Ashley thought she looked like a goddess when she smashed the overgrown test tube and rescued her from suspended-animation hell. Only a goddess could wield an office chair with such grace.

"Let's go." Kate had spoken softly, and not flinched from the stinking slime that coated Ashley's limp and naked body, spoiling her own shirt as Ashley leaned against her. And she'd pressed a gun into Ashley's hand. "I know you got shafted with this whole damsel-in-distress gig, but feel free to do a little self-rescuing when the bad guys show up."

Definitely love at first sight.

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