How To Marry A Geek

  1. First, make sure to meet your betrothed in one of three places:
  2. Print 'Live Long and Prosper' on all your wedding invitations
  3. Register at the local comic book shop
  4. Arrive at the ceremony not in a limo, but in the Batmobile
  5. Instead of formal wear, dress the wedding party in Starfleet uniforms
  6. Replace the wedding march with music from the Mos Eisley cantina
  7. Have the minister use your screen names
  8. Write your own vows. Use phrases like 'the truth is out there' and 'with great power comes great responsibility'
  9. Use replicas of the ring of power for your wedding rings
  10. Processional music: Theme from Star Wars.
  11. Serve Romulan Ale at the wedding reception
  12. Dance the first dance to the theme from Roswell
  13. Spend your wedding night on Spider-Man sheets
  14. Spend your honeymoon staring at the fence around Area 51


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