Isabel and Kyle


by Spiletta42

Roswell (InCrowd)

Rating: T™©


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Warnings: none

Categories: Ship, Het, Angst, Drabble

Pairings: Kyle/Isabel UST

Characters: Kyle Valenti (primary), Isabel Evans

Spoilers: Graduation, so pretty much the series. If you haven't seen Roswell, I recommend it. All three seasons are available on DVD

A/N: A drabble that hit me while writing something else.

Disclaimer: Intellectual property snuck out of the vault at Regency Entertainment.


Kyle Valenti looked down at the woman asleep in his lap, her tear-streaked face illuminated in brief flashes as the van moved down the highway.

His heart ached for her.

She'd lost so much. First Alex, now Jesse. No matter what happened next, and no matter what she'd told Jesse, or told herself, her marriage was over. Although his mind went there -- wrong, but he had to admit it did -- he took no pleasure in that.

Isabel deserved happiness, love, a life. Fate, however, kept handing her pain. He couldn't fix that, but he'd always be the friend she needed.

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