The Llama Infestation

by Spiletta42

Disclaimer: I've often suspected that Paramount is secretly run by mice, or possibly llamas.


Rating: K+™©


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A/N: Just a light drabble for your brief entertainment. For Q, who asked for llama fic.

The Llama Infestation


"Hairy quadrupeds from Peru, Captain. The Incas -- "

"I know what they are, Chakotay, I just wasn't sure I heard you correctly. Care to explain how deck five became infested with a terran species? We obviously didn't pack any llamas."

"My first thought was Q, but they're holographic."

"So, Tom Paris?"

"You guessed it."


"Attached to the llamas. B'Elanna says it's simple, if the programming isn't complex and a bulky design isn't an issue."

Janeway slapped her combadge. "Paris, deactivate the llamas."



"They're programmed to run until you kiss Chakotay."

"Why didn't you say so sooner!"

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