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Home of Alternate Voyages

Sweet, romantic fic.  I recommend A Moment of Clarity

Home of Mixed Doubles, the J/C Haiku Contest, and plenty of fic

Squirrelly is clever, and needs to write more

Plenty of humor and J/C goodness

Dawn writes a strong, realistic Janeway, check out A Second Gift

Kerryfic will always make you laugh.  'nuff said.

Enjoy some of the best J/C stories you'll find at Shayenne's Design Free Zone

Home of the Wet-Fic Index and more

Rachel Gold always has new fic

Like episode additions?  Here they all are.

Find more stories than you could possibly read.

Sign up for the jcfichaven mailing list at yahoo groups.

All pairings welcome, lower decks pairings encouraged.

Check out Laura's fanvids too

Virtual Season 7.5, an alternative to canon.

Virtual Season 8.  Parts with canon after Endgame.

Enjoy a steaming hot caffeinated beverage with the gang at the Koffee Klub.

EJ's Stories:  Make sure you read Lotos Days

Lots of steamy fic.  I recommend Peach.

KJ has more fic awards than Carter has pills.  Does Carter still have pills?

Kayla makes some of the best graphics

You'll need a cold shower after reading Cress fic.

Great fic.  Check out Sex Drive and The Out of Towners

Yaelie's work is classic


Check out Natural Progression and Sharing Time!



Sheri is master of babyfic

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