Twelve Inches by Spletta42

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Spoilers: none
Pairing: J/C
A/N: Written for Dakota's Decathlon, the 100 Meter Hurdles, hosted by Seven of Nine, aka The Number, so here's a different number to contemplate.
Disclaimer: I found all this great stuff abandoned in a closet at Paramount and now it's mine!


Twelve Inches

A  young Kathryn Janeway longed to visit the stars. She spent hours pouring over star charts and gazing into the heavens, impatient to get out there so her life could finally begin.

A more mature Kathryn Janeway lived in space, and her thoughts focused on a different goal: Earth.

Thousands of light years stretched out before her, but it was the foot of bulkhead between her quarters and the next that seemed insurmountable.

Only after traversing the galaxy could she at last cross that final twelve inches and join her life to his. Only then could her life finally begin.


Start Living!

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Second Place in Dakota's Decathlon, 100m Hurdles

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