Star Trek Voyager

His Courage

by Spiletta42

VGR Harrison/Mannick

Rating: T™©


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Warnings: None

Categories: Ship, Slash, Drabble, Romance, Lower Decks

Pairings: Harrison/Mannick

Characters: Noah Mannick (primary), Brad Harrison

A/N: I don't do drabbles and I don't do m/m slash. Here's both, though, so I can't say that anymore. Noah Mannick thinks about his lover.

Disclaimer: All hail Paramount.

His Courage

The first day I saw Brad, my heart knew he was the man I'd love for the rest of my days. We became friends; I didn't hope for more. I didn't dare hope he could feel the same; that he'd want what I wanted.

Then came the day he risked everything for me. He told me he wanted me, loved me. He'd understand if I didn't feel the same; if I didn't like other men.

My heart soared as I told him that I did; that I had wanted him since that first day. His courage made our love possible.

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