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Warnings: None

Categories: GEN, Episode Tag, Fluff, Humor

Pairings: GEN Janeway&Chakotay Friendship, possible UST subtext

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Spoilers: Survival Instinct

A/N: An episode addition to Survival Instinct, written for Love Through the Years.: Hair! It was this or a musical number, and I don't think any of us wanted to see Neelix in the nude scene.

Disclaimer: Paramount's property, as we all well know, but they always shut the camera off too darn fast.

Janeway's Bad Hair Day


The prehensile plant had his captain by the hair. Chakotay hurried to rescue her. He didn't quite manage to keep a straight face.

"Hold still. I can get it." He began to gently pick through her hair, untwisting the silken strands from the plant's tendrils.

The task took all of his concentration; he didn't want the unruly vegetation to claim any of her hair. He liked her hair precisely where it was; on her head. In fact, he liked her hair very much. He had many very improper thoughts about her glorious auburn hair. With some effort, he managed to wrench his attention back to the problem at hand.

She reached up to aid his efforts.

"Kathryn, hold still. I've almost got it."

He continued to pick little flecks of plant debris from her hair even as she turned to look at him. His fingers began to smooth her hair back into place.

Chakotay was so absorbed in his task that he didn't notice when the playful bit of flora staged a sneak attack on his own hair.

"It's got you now." Kathryn laughed and reached to help him.

The sound was wonderful. He hadn't heard her laugh, truly laugh, for weeks. This is what he had hoped for when they had decided to open the ship; something to make Kathryn laugh.

He joined her. Fending off the plant's advances proved a challenge worthy of two capable Starfleet officers. It went for her hair again, and he intercepted its grasping tendrils. It snaked itself around her waist and pulled her against him. As she struggled to free herself, it wound around his arm.

It didn't seem to matter how quickly they plucked leaves from one another's hair; the hyper little tree could shed fast enough to keep up. And it clearly loved Kathryn's hair. Chakotay felt a certain kinship for a plant with such good tastes.

Nearly sobbing with laughter, they finally made their escape and collapsed on the ready room couch amongst the impressive array of clutter which testified to the esteem of a number of alien cultures.

They shared a warm smile. The leftover tension caused by Captain Ransom a few weeks back was finally gone. He had forgiven her weeks before, but now he knew that she had forgiven herself. She was able to laugh with him again.


A gift from Dakota.

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