She's Not Really Gone

by Alanesian and Spiletta42

Disclaimer: Paramount must own something here, but the lyrics and music belong to Alanesian and Spiletta42.


The opposite of a songfic. This song was written in honor of a fanfic. (Filling the Void).

She's Not Really Gone

Her book is lying on the couch

The one she read that fateful night

The night we kissed in Sandrine's bar

The night that changed it all

But she isn't really gone.

I'll sit beside her on the bridge

I'll hear her call me by my rank

Not by my name - but by my rank

But I'll still hear her voice

So, she isn't really gone.

I almost lost her to the Borg

She made it back to us that time

This is better; (for) she's still here

She isn't really lost

No, she isn't really gone.

I dragged her up a mountain once

Gripping tightly her slender wrist

Her thanks a brief but precious hug

I didn't lose her then

Now, she isn't really gone.

She won't allow our love to be

She won't break rules to let it grow

Our friendship's gone and though it hurts

I haven't lost her yet

No, she isn't really gone.

I didn't lose her to the Borg

She'll sit beside me on the bridge

I'll hear her voice and see her face

She isn't really lost.

No, she isn't really gone.

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