Moonlight Escapade

by Spiletta42

Moonlight Escapade


Rating: T™©


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Warnings: None

Categories: Ship, Het, Fluff

Pairings: Janeway/Chakotay

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Spoilers: Coda

A/N: Written for Fluff at Love Through The Years. Named for my horse, Moonlight Escapade. Pure fluff, utterly without redemption.

Credits: Thank you to Kim for the beta.

Disclaimer: Paramount is evil and shall be overthrown.

Moonlight Escapade

The door chimed. Would Seven never learn the inappropriateness of these late night intrusions? Janeway laid aside her novel. "Come."

To her relief, it was Chakotay who entered. "You aren't planning to spend another night reading, are you?"

"As a matter of fact, I am," she replied.

He shook his head and held out a hand towards her. "Not tonight."

She stared back, perplexed.

"Kathryn, come with me."

She stood. He asked for so little, and she had to admit she was curious. "Just let me change."

"No," he said. "You look beautiful just as you are."

She ignored the compliment. Her old sweats were hardly beautiful. "I can't roam the corridors dressed like this."

"Then we won't use the corridors."

The transporter beam deposited them in the holodeck. Janeway recognized the setting at once. Lake George, one of her favorite programs.

"We are going for a moonlight sail," he announced.

"Is that right?"

"It's been weeks since we've had any time together," he said. "I miss you."

"Chakotay -- "

"I know, we see each other every day on the bridge. It's not the same. I want to relax with my closest friend, do some sailing, maybe share a good bottle of wine."

"That sounds lovely," she said. "Any special reason we're doing all of this half way through gamma shift?"

"Because you look beautiful in moonlight," he answered.

She ignored both the compliment and the tone of his voice, turning her attention instead to the sailboat tied to the pier. Together, they made short work of launching the vessel.

Once they were out on the water, he poured them each a glass of wine. "To friendship."

"To friendship." She failed to ignore the emotion in his voice, and in his eyes. "Sit with me, and look at the stars."

They settled down on some cushions on the deck. She sat close to him, and when he draped an arm around her shoulder, she leaned against his chest.

"Do you want to tell me what's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing's wrong, Kathryn," he said. "Right now, everything is perfect."

"A perfect moment," she agreed softly, and made no effort to ignore the way his arm tightened around her, or way his warm breath stirred her hair.

"What would you do if this was real?" he asked. "If we were home."

"I hope you know," she said.

"I do," he said. "At least, I hope I do."

She turned to look into his eyes. "I just realized something important."


"I am home," she said, and pressed her lips to his.


A gift from Dakota.

beta by Kim

Spiletta42's J/C Fanfiction

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