Frequently Asked Questions

Do you warn for common triggers?

Yes, I do. Please see my labeling policy for details.

Why fanfiction?

Because it's fun! It's a great way to grow as a writer, and it entertains people.

Why did you choose the fandoms you've chosen?

In the case of Voyager, it was good enough to bother with, but flawed enough to leave room for fanfic. For me, it's the Trek series that works the best in fic, even if it isn't my favorite Trek series. I wrote my Animorphs fic for much the same reason: good characters, good concept, but with room to play. I could see that KAA was going to take a dark road, and I wanted a lighter ending as a fun alternative. With Stargate SG-1 the answer is a little different. SG-1 has these outstanding characters with very specific voices, and it's really a challenge to portray them well. As I've expanded my fandom base, I find myself discovering plot ideas for all of the shows that inspire me most, and each fandom brings its own challenges.

Can't you get sued for writing fanfiction?

Transformative works constitute a fair use of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Paramount has long supported Star Trek fanfiction. They have allowed the publication of fanzines since the early 1970's and hold annual fanfiction contests. MGM has also expressed vague approval for fannish activities, most notably by providing fans with a fanvid website. Fan vids are notoriously more litigious than fanfiction.

I heard that someone had to take their website down because fanfiction violates copyrights.

For a successful lawsuit, a copyright owner would have to prove financial loss, and most fanfic tends to support the fandom in question. However, if a web host receives takedown notice or sometimes even just a complaint, they may TOS a site without warning, simply to avoid the hassle. That is likely what happened. If you want to keep your own fanfiction safe, share it at the fandom-run archive AO3.

Why would someone complain about fanfiction?

Some professional writers have asked that their work not be used in this way. Anne Rice, Anne McCaffrey, and Terry Pratchett have all raised concerns about fanfiction, to various degrees. I personally will not write anything based on their works, out of respect for their wishes. Legality and morality are not always the same thing. In the past, before I wrote anything in a fandom, especially a fandom with a single creator, I would check and see if that person has said anything about fanfiction in the past. Joss Whedon, KA Applegate, and Matt Groenig have all made positive comments about fanfiction, for example. Now that it's the far-flung future, and fanfiction is practically mainstream, I don't worry about it. Think what you will of Twilight, but Stephanie Meyer's failure to sue over Shades of Grey means clear sailing ahead for us all, and I am grateful to her.

I can't figure out how to download the mp3s from your soundtracks.

Good. If you want them, buy them legally with the provided links. If I were to give them away for free, it would be theft, which is why they stream from a hidden file.

Will you meet me in a hotel room to act out scenes from The Klingon Sex Manual?


I have a question about the medical details in your fic.

I create all of my characters' injuries using Body Trauma: A Writer's Guide to Wounds and Injuries by David W. Page, M.D., which helps me create scenerios which are medically possible, if not always the most likely statistically. Unlike the standard medical book, which would present textbook cases for specific injuries, this text suggests injuries which will work with specific plots. So if you know someone who had the same type of injury, with different consequences, I'm not surprised, but the scenarios I present are always possible under exactly the right circumstances. I do my homework. And yes, honey is an antibiotic.

How do you think up all that technobabble?

Usually I don't think it up, I look it up. There are dozens of Star Trek reference books available, so if you need your character to repair a damaged console or cauterize a wound with a phaser, you can always find information on exactly how that could be done. Things not elaborated upon in such materials can generally be created using real science, and with enough effort, one can even find a way to explain away any scientific errors discovered in the canon material.

Will you beta my fanfic?

Probably not. Before you even ask me, you should do ALL of the following: Read all of the writing-related articles I've written, both on this site and at Jadie's Nexus. Apply what you learn from those articles to your personal editing. Run spellcheck. Approach me with a specific list of concerns about your fic, an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses, and a willingness to hear my honest opinions. Then, maybe, I might beta your fic, if you ask nicely and I have time.

May I write a sequel or prequel to one of your fics?

Yes. Email me, though, so I can read it and link to it, and please provide a link to my fic on yours.

I have an idea very similiar to one of your fics. May I write it?

Sure. Recycling a plot is a good writing exercise. I've borrowed plots myself. Many ideas are pretty universal, though, and variations are nearly endless, so once you've started writing, you may find that your creation isn't really similar at all. If you do write something based on my fic, please do give credit.

I want to rewrite one of your fics with a different outcome, or in a different way. May I?

I won't stop you, but I'd like to know about it. Change enough of it to make the story your own. Don't copy entire paragraphs verbatim and claim you wrote them, but otherwise, have fun. Please don't twist Institutionalized into rapefic, though.

May I archive your fic?

Please read my archiving rules.

May I translate your fic into another language?

Definitely! Please send me the link so I can provide the option to my visitors as well.

Isn't Ayala's first name Greg?

Ayala doesn't have a first name in canon. In fanon (facts used by multiple fanfic writers and often confused with canon) Ayala's first name is Greg, or Gregor, when he's gay, and Mike, or some version thereof, when he's straight. The origins of this rule are long forgotten, but it's a tradition I chose to follow.

Who the heck is Ensign Lyssa Campbell?

She appears in all of the official Voyager novels written by Christie Golden. She served as transporter chief while in the Delta Quadrant, and is the new Operations Officer under Captain Chakotay in the relaunch novels.

May I use Ensign Campbell in my fic?

Only if you've read all of Christie Golden's novels. She's not my character.

Who is Brad Harrison? Is he from a novel, too?

He's from half a page in Jeri Taylor's Pathways. Canon provides only one detail: he is romantically involved with Noah Mannick.

Who is Noah Mannick? Is he from a novel, too?

You guessed it. He's also from half a page in Jeri Taylor's Pathways. Canon again provides only one detail: he is romantically involved with Brad Harrison.

May I use Brad and Noah in my fic?

You sure can. Help yourself to the backgrounds provided in Questions. While technically they aren't mine, I'd still appreciate it if you let me know, though. I'd love to read something else featuring them.

Who is Sue Brooks?

She's in the background in many episodes, wears a red uniform, and appears to have a single pip. I put her in command in deflector control in my fic, but that is not proven in canon.

Who is Deborah Lang?

She's the ensign on the bridge with Chakotay in Displaced.

Gee, I thought some of those folks were original characters. Do you have any of those?

In fanfic, I prefer the challenge of creating characters based on tiny scraps of canon information. My only true recurring original character is Grandpa Henley.

May I use Grandpa Henley in my fic?

Email me about that. I include all of his quotes on his page, with links to the fics in which they appear. He's even paid a visit to Hogwarts, it seems.

Why don't you ever write J/P or J/7 fic?

I'm very loyal to J/C and P/T. I see the J&P relationship as a platonic friendship, perhaps with a brother/sister dynamic (not literally) and I don't like J/7. In my opinion, a romantic relationship is inappropriate for a mentor-student type relationship, and Seven of Nine lacks the emotional maturity for a relationship with Janeway, or Chakotay, or any other older member of the crew. The EMH, ironically, is of a similar emotional age, and they both have an intellect that exceeds their experience. I think they are quite well suited for one another. I apply these opinions only to my own work, and respect the shipping decisions of others.

Why don't you ever write Jack/Daniel or Sam/Janet fic? Are you a homophobe?

For starters, I see the Sam/Jack relationship as very strong in my headcanon, and unlikely to be abandoned by the characters for other long-term relationships, and they're hardly going to have meaningless flings with their closest friends. I don't think I can write those pairings convincingly. Strong friendships do not need a sexual componant to be interesting. Some relationships have compelling UST, and others simply do not, and that will vary from viewer to viewer. I avoid Sam/Daniel and Sam/Cam with equal diligence and I've written plenty of femslash in other fandoms.

Okay then, what about Daniel/Janet? That has a canon basis!

Apathy, mostly. I acknowledge that the two had some sort of bond in canon, but I don't care terribly much. Then once Daniel/Vala came along, I lost all interest in the possibility of Daniel with anyone else.

Why isn't your Willow/Kennedy fic warned for slash?

First of all, the word 'warning' implies negativity, so I do not 'warn' for slash at all. Secondly, all ship fic on my website includes either het, femslash, or slash in the genre tags, for easier searching.

I'm so confused. You like Willow/Kennedy and Brooks/Lang but not J/7 or Sam/Janet. What's your deal?

It's all personal preference. The relationships I like to write about are those that ring true in my mind. Sometimes that's a canon pairing, sometimes not. Sometimes it's het, sometimes it's femslash, sometimes it's slash.

Why does femslash have a special section? Where's the special section for hetero pairings?

Femslash has a special section because of the four main categories of fanfiction -- Het, Gen, Slash, and Femslash -- it's femslash that seems the rarest, and I wanted to provide a specific link to mine on another website. To do that efficiently, I needed a special section. All of the stories are also located under their specific fandom headers, and they have not been segregated in any fashion. As for the het fics, they make up a vast majority of the site, so giving them a special section would be tedious and unnecessary.

Your contact form doesn't work!

I know. That's why I'm slowly removing it from each page.

Would you like to refinance at 3.75%?

No, and stop asking.


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