A Lesson in Decorum

by Spiletta42

A Lesson in Decorum by Spiletta42


Rating: M™©


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Warnings: None

Content Disclosure: spanking

Categories: Ship, Slash, Crack!Porn, Humor, PWP

Pairings: Tuvok/Neelix

Characters: Tuvok, Neelix

Spoilers: none

A/N: Originally written anonymously for a prompt on the now defunct Voyager-related kink meme on LiveJournal.

Disclaimer: Paramount's property, and they'd not appreciate this use of it.

A Lesson in Decorum

That fuzzy, spotty Talaxian had gone too far this time. His usual habit of bopping around the ship distracting the crew from their duties was vexing enough, but now, after making his own quarters unlivable with some sort of cheese preparation experiment, he'd taken it upon himself to invite himself into Tuvok's quarters.

And now he was asleep in Tuvok's bed. Snoring. And also naked.

Tuvok stomped across the room -- a most undignified style of walking for a Vulcan, and yet another reason that Neelix had to learn his lesson -- and demanded an explanation for the puddle of drool on his pillow.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Tuvok, sir, but I had nowhere else to sleep."

"Perhaps you should have considered that before relocating several vats of sour milk to your quarters."

"Yes, yes of course, Mr. Tuvok. It won't happen again."

"And yet it has happened before."

"Yes, well yes, I must admit that this is not the first -- " Neelix's words were cut off as Tuvok acted upon a sudden impulse.

Impulsive. This damn Talaxian had made him impulsive. That was certainly the final straw. And there he went thinking in metaphors of an entirely unvulcanlike nature.

Tuvok stared down at the naked Talaxian hindquarters now situated across his lap. Most undignified. He only had one logical avenue open to him. He smacked it, hard, with the flat of his hand.

Neelix let out a shout.

"Quiet," Tuvok ordered. "I intend to train you to behave with proper Starfleet decorum."

The second smack proved even more satisfying than the first. The sound of the blows filled Tuvok's dimly lit quarters, and the round Talaxian ass reddened steadily.

Most satisfying.

Tuvok could hear the blood pounding in his ears, and his uniform began to grow tight. Spanking a Talaxian was a lot more fun than he ever would have imagined.

His hand lingered, feeling the residual heat from his handiwork. He traced the outline of a handprint with one finger, his brow quirking at the tiny whimper that inspired.

"Please, Mr. Tuvok . . . "

"Will you endeavor to consider the implications of your actions in the future?"

"Yes, certainly, of course I will try."

Tuvok smacked him again, and watched the flesh quiver. "The correct answer, Mr. Neelix, is 'Yes, Sir.'"

"Yes, Sir, of course Sir." Then Neelix wiggled. Very deliberately. And Tuvok observed the reason for this wiggling against his thigh.


The room seemed rather warmer than usual, and a thought occurred to Tuvok. Had seven years passed already?

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