Maria DeLuca

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Maria DeLuca
Character Basicscanon or fanon
NameMaria DeLuca
Originally FromEarth: Roswell, New Mexicocanon
EmployerCrashdown Cafecanon
Love InterestMichael Guerincanon
FamilyAmy DeLuca, mother
Sean DeLuca, cousin
First AppearanceRoswell Season 1, Ep 1

Portrayed ByMajandra Delfino

Maria begins the series as the wacky friend, the flake, and the loose cannon most likely to expose the secret. Her fear of Isabel in particular pushes her near the breaking point, but her compassion keeps her from acting on her fear. Once she's conquered her fear, she quickly becomes one of the stronger members of the group. She seems to go from one extreme to another very quickly, but what has happened is that she faced her feelings and made her choices.

She has the conviction to stand behind her decisions, and she can keep her head in a real crisis. Meeting a record label exec might send her into a fit of nervous pacing as she sniffs eucalyptus oil, but faced with evil aliens or a gun-wielding lunatic, she's grace-under-pressure personified.

Maria has a calm, practical way of dealing with difficult people that is very much to be admired, as is her willingness to do whatever needs to be done when it comes to her friends. Maria particularly shines in the second season story arc that spans To Serve and To Protect, We Are Family, Disturbing Behavior, and How the Other Half Lives.

Her relationship with Michael Guerin seems, on the surface, to be stormy and unstable. The couple breaks up so frequently that they both frequently lose track of whether or not they are officially together at any given time, yet the bond they have always remains strong. Time and again, they sacrifice for each other, and even as Liz and Max -- whom they both see as the 'perfect' couple -- hurt each other with misunderstandings, Michael and Maria share an emotional honesty that they both trust.

They fight, but that also means that they hold nothing back. They probably have the healthiest relationship on the show.

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