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Captain Kathryn Janeway

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Captain Kathryn Janeway
Character Basicscanon or fanon
NameKathryn Janeway
FandomStar Trek
BornMay 20, 2336fanon*
Originally FromEarth: Bloomington, Indianacanon
RankCaptain, USS Voyagercanon
Love InterestChakotayfanon
(canon UST)
FamilyEdward Janeway, father (deceased)
Gretchen Janeway, mother
Phoebe Janeway, sister
First AppearanceVoyager Season 1, Ep 1

Portrayed ByKate Mulgrew

*canon provides contradictory information as to year of birth

Our brave, beautiful, and very wise captain -- to paraphrase the first officer -- adored by all. Her heroism has saved lives, even entire planets, countless times. She is an accomplished scientist and a decisive leader. She is also a guilt ridden, coffee-addicted insomniac who throws protocol to the wind for the good of the crew, but clings to it stubbornly in order to deny herself happiness. She is in love with her first officer, but feels she must keep her feelings hidden. Against all logic, she blames herself for anything and everything, especially Voyager's situation.

The daughter of a Starfleet Admiral (Edward Janeway) and a traditionalist mother (Gretchen), Kathryn grew up in a farming community in Indiana. She followed a science track and played tennis while at Starfleet Academy, and served her first mission as a junior science officer under Admiral Owen Paris on the Al-Batani. She and the Admiral were captured by Cardassians during that mission, and she was a witness to exactly how they treated prisoners.

Also while serving on the Al-Batani, she met Lieutenant Justin Tighe, who became her fiance after Admiral Paris intervened and told the obviously blind and deaf Kathryn Janeway that the poor man had feelings for her.

When Kathryn survived the shuttlecraft accident that killed both Admiral Edward Janeway and Justin Tighe, she hid in her bedroom for a couple of months before her younger sister, Phoebe, dumped ice water on her, thus ending her depression. She returned to Starfleet, and switched her career track to command. She managed to suppress her memories of the incident, but failed to face her survivor's guilt. All evidence seems to show that she could do nothing to save either man, but Janeway harbors the deep-seated belief that a remote possibility existed to save one life, and that her hesitation in choosing killed them both.

After losing Justin, Kathryn avoided relationships for a while. She finally gave in to the advances of Mark Johnson, who had pursued her since the two were teenagers. She left her dog, Molly, in his care when she left for a three week mission in the Badlands as captain of the USS Voyager. Her ship was searching for a missing Maquis vessel when it was pulled across the galaxy by an entity known as the Caretaker.

Her greatest weakness as a captain is her inability to cope with the possibility of ordering a subordinate into a high-risk situation, and she often takes inappropriate risks herself to either avoid giving such an order, or to compensate for her own emotion response to having done so. This shortcoming colors all of her personal and professional relationships throughout the course of the series.

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