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Fellowship of the Crime Scene

by Spiletta42


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A/N: This horrible thought came to me while watching commercials on CBS.

Disclaimer: CBS is the victim here.

Fellowship of the Crime Scene

The CBS executives scratched their heads. The master programming board looked great, except for the gaping hole on Sunday night.

"CSI: Dallas?" someone suggested.

"That's on Thursday at eight, seven central," came the answer.

"How about CSI: Houston? Or CSI: Orlando? Or CSI: Boston?"

"Saturday at nine, Tuesday at ten, and Friday at eight."

The executive studied the board, and saw that it was so. "I don't see CSI: Genoa City."

"That's on the daytime board."

CSI: Raleigh, CSI: Reno, CSI: Roswell, CSI: San Francisco...they'd all been done. Maps were spread across the conference table, but every city in the United States had already been featured, and neither CSI: Toronto nor CSI: Montreal had brought in sufficient ratings.

CSI: Mos Eisley had done well, though, and CSI: Sunnydale had sold brilliantly on DVD.

"Eureka!" The exec smiled broadly. "CSI: Middle Earth!"

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