Eclipse Design Awards

Welcome to the first annual Eclipse Design Awards. Another contest? Well, yes. This one's a chance to admire all of the hard work folks put into their Star Trek Voyager websites.

Web Design - Fanfic Site

Anne's Rose Garden by Anne Rose
Kaliedascope by Kim
Jade's Voyager Stories by Jade East
Shining Voyager by Jemima
VoyagerAngel by Chris
Dakota's Star Trek Voyager by Dakota

Web Design - Contest Site

Anne's Rose Garden Contests by Anne Rose
Final Frontier by Dakota
Triple Crown by Spiletta42 and Dakota

Web Design - Other

Sandrine's by Anne Rose
Jadie's Nexus
Voyager Angel Reader Survey by Chris
Voyager Fantasy Fanfic League by Dakota

Splash Page

Katie's Place Splash Page by Fiona
Anne's Rose Garden Splash Page by Anne Rose
Jade's Voyager Stories Splash Page by Jade East
Haiku Splash Page by Kim
Jemima's Chevron Splash Page by Jemima
Dakota's Star Trek Voyager Splash Page by Dakota


Jade's Banner by Jade East
Jemima's Banner by Jemima
Alternate Voyages Banner by Dakota
Dawn's Banner by Dakota
Dakota's Banner by Dakota
Dakota's Banner #2 by Dakota
Final Frontier Banner by Dakota
JC VILLE Library Banner by Dakota
JC VILLE Library Banner #2 by Dakota
Kim's Banner by Dakota
Kim's Banner #2 by Dakota
Squirrelly's Banner by Dakota
Triple Crown Banner by Dakota
Anne's Rose Garden Banner by Anne Rose


Squirrelly's Beta Button by Dakota
Decathlon Buttons by Dakota
JCFicHaven Buttons by Dakota
Jemima's BuffyBot button


Katie's Place Background by Fiona
Jemima's Chevron Background by Jemima
Rose Background by Dakota
Eagle Background by Dakota
Swings Background by Dakota
Center Ribbon Background by Anne Rose


Border by Kim
Church Border by Dakota
Cosmos Border by Dakota
Roses Border by Dakota
12 Daze Border by Anne Rose
New Earth Border by Anne Rose


Dakota's smilies
Beta Smiley by Dakota
Chakotay Hugs Smiley by Anne Rose


Puzzle #1 by Jade
Puzzle #2 by Chris
Puzzle #3 by Dakota
Puzzle #4 by Dakota
Puzzle #5 by Anne Rose

Title Graphics

Jadie's Nexus Title Graphic by Dakota
Final Frontier Title Graphic by Dakota
Squirrelly's Title Graphic by Dakota
Voyager Caption Title Graphic by Dakota
Anne's Rose Garden Title Graphic by Anne Rose

Fanfic Illustration

Insight by Voy Girl
Village Life by Fiona
Unmixed Doubles by Dakota
Worth the Trouble by Dakota

Fanfic Presentation

Q Union by Fiona
Two Pennies by Kim
Interdictus by Kim
Honey-Dew by Jemima
The Anniversary Waltz by Vanhunks, Presented by Chris
Legend Under A Lilac Sky by Sheri and Dakota, presented by Dakota
Haiku by Dakota
Business As Usual by Dakota
Rainforest by Anne Rose


Haiku Awards by Anne Rose
Beta Awards by Kim
Decathlon Awards by Dakota
Final Frontier Awards by Dakota
Mediocre Awards by Dakota
Triple Crown Awards by Dakota
Fandom Award by Anne Rose

Clever Coding

Jemima's Map (hover on buttons)
Anne Rose fic (printing vs screen css)


Jemima's feedback form
Anne Rose's feedback form


Crossword Puzzle by Anne Rose

Filling the Void Illustration

A J/C Kiss by Dakota
Harry Kim as Langley by Dakota
A Fairly Roomy Car Trunk by Dakota
A Fairly Roomy Car Trunk by Spiletta42

You may now consider your vote. Please give each and every entry your full consideration.