Gift From The Heart by Spiletta42

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Gift from the Heart

by Spiletta42


Rating: T™©


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Warnings: None

Categories: Ship, Het, Romance, Fluff

Pairings: Janeway/Chakotay

Characters: Janeway, Chakotay

Spoilers: None

A/N: Written for Talent Night's A Voyager Christmas.

Disclaimer: Merry Christmas, Paramount.

Gift from the Heart

A gift for Kathryn was never an easy choice. There was so much he longed to give her, but so little which she would accept. He pulled open the bottom drawer of his dresser; Kathryn's drawer. A drawer she would never use. By the time they could finally be a couple, back in the Alpha Quadrant, this wouldn't be his dresser. Besides, if she ever chose to abandon protocol she would certainly have the top drawer, not the bottom. He was briefly haunted by the image of his captain using the bottom drawer, bending over to retrieve a bit of lingerie...he shook his head.

This drawer contained all the gifts he had never been brave enough, or reckless enough, to give her. A sandpainting from New Earth. A necklace he had bought on shore leave once, with a pair of interlocking hearts. A family heirloom meant someday for his bride. Other things, gathered over the years, waiting for a time when they would be appropriate.

It was all there. Someday these would be hers. The question was what to give her now, for Christmas. Nothing was appropriate; at least nothing that was good enough for her. He wanted to give her something she'd enjoy; something that would show her how much he cared; something special.

His hand brushed over one item in particular. It was perfect for Kathryn. Exquisite, just like the woman. He had bought it for her without even stopping to think that it might not be an appropriate gift between friends. He wanted her to have it. She would enjoy it. She would also look stunning in it. Its beauty was wasted, as long as it sat in a drawer, unworn, waiting for someday.

He started to regret that Tom's Secret Santa plan had been rejected. A few replicator rations in the right accounts and Kathryn could have received his gift anonymously. He spent a few minutes trying to decide if that was still possible, somehow, but he knew it wasn't. If Kathryn received an anonymous gift she would suspect him immediately.

Still, he wanted her to have this. The moment he had seen it, he knew it must belong to Kathryn. She was the only woman in the galaxy fit to wear it. Then again, he was a bit biased.

He found a box and wrapped it. She would have this gift; damn the consequences. His hand shook a bit as he tied the bow, but he felt better. The woman he loved would have the gift he meant for her to have; this one little thing wouldn't wait until the Alpha Quadrant, and perhaps that would make the other waiting just a bit easier to endure.

"Chakotay to Campbell." He waited for the ensign to respond. "I need a favor." She'd suspect him, but if he didn't sign the card then she didn't have to acknowledge that the gift was from him. The anonymity might allow her to accept the gift quietly. He hoped it would, anyhow.

The captain was instantly alert at the sound of a transporter beam, and turned to watch a giftwrapped package materialize on her coffee table. "Computer, identify transport in progress."

"Transport initialized by Captain Kathryn Janeway."

"I see," she muttered. She snagged a tricorder.

Once she was satisfied that the package was harmless, she sat down to open it. It didn't have a card, which left two possibilities. Chakotay and Tom.

She moved aside the tissue paper to reveal luxurious blue fabric. She held the garment up, admiring it. There was nothing in the replicator files that could create this; this had been purchased on shore leave, probably three months back, on that lovely little planet that had reminded her of a cross between the Mars colony and ancient Morocco.

The gift was from Chakotay.

It was beautiful. She felt a familiar tightness in her throat as she pictured Chakotay buying this at the little market on Koclue. It wasn't a gift of friendship, like a scarf or a sweater. This dress was a more intimate gift. That was why he had sent it anonymously, she realized. He thought she might accept it if she didn't have to acknowledge it.

Well, maybe she couldn't acknowledge it, but she could at least wear it. He deserved to see her in it. She smiled to herself, remembering how he once offered a month of replicator rations to see her in an outfit. Only Chakotay had the power to make her feel so feminine, so desirable.

Dinner tonight. She'd wear the dress then. She'd bring him a gift as well. It was Christmas Eve, after all. She had almost forgotten. About a month before she had found him the perfect gift. At the time, she had worried that it might not be appropriate, but now she decided that she didn't care. She wanted to make sure that he knew just how special he was to her; even without signing his gift, he had done that for her.

She walked into the room and he couldn't breathe, because every bit of his energy was focused on restarting his heart. The dress was every bit as stunning as he had imagined. And her smile - beyond description.

He sorted desperately through his brain cells, searching for the synaptic paths that allowed for speech. "Kathryn, you're beautiful."

They were standing close, almost touching. Had she crossed the room to stand before him, or had he been drawn to her by gravity. He didn't remember moving. Touching her was necessary. He realized that his hand was already reaching for hers, even as he bent to kiss her cheek.

"Merry Christmas, Kathryn."

She smiled up at him, her eyes suspiciously moist. "Merry Christmas, Chakotay."

His kiss upon her cheek radiated through her. It reached her toes. She reached up, grabbing hold of his shoulder, feeling that if she didn't she'd collapse on the deck. Her other hand was in his. "Dance with me, Chakotay."

He nodded, probably as grateful for the excuse to hold her as she was for the excuse to be held. She let him mold her body against his. They shouldn't need excuses for such simple intimacy. It wasn't fair. No, she wasn't fair. She was the one who made him wait.

Protocol may discourage such relationships, but what could Starfleet possibly do to them out here. She didn't answer to any stuffy deskbound admirals on any other point; why worry about this one?

She knew it wasn't the rational decision. She didn't care. "Thank you for the gift, Chakotay."

She smiled as she felt his surprise, and she pulled back to study his face. Her hand left his shoulder to trace the lines of his tattoo. He shivered, his eyes closing as her action brought a soft gasp to his lips.



"I've been thinking." Her finger slid down to trace his lips. "There's something else I'd like for Christmas."

He opened his eyes, studying her face. "And what's that?"

"You." The word seemed to echo through his quarters, changing everything, and yet nothing at all.

"That's something you've always had, Kathryn." He bent his head and kissed her.

A Voyager Christmas

Spiletta42's J/C Fanfiction

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