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Dark Angel: Before the Dawn by Max Allan Collins

This is a prequel to the series. Well written and gripping, it answers many questions left when the series ended suddenly. Violence warning.

Before the Dawn: Dark Angel #1

Dark Angel: Skin Game by Max Allan Collins

This continues after the series finale, moving the story forward and tying up loose threads. An absolute must for true fans.

Dark Angel: Skin Game

Dark Angel: After the Dark by Max Allan Collins

The series continues. Highly recommended.

Dark Angel: After the Dark

Dark Angel DVD collection

Both seasons are currently available on DVD, so you can score the complete series for less than a hundred dollars. Riveting plots, even more riveting subplots, and a cliffhanger ending to it all that can make anyone pick up a novel.

Season One

Season Two

Before the Dawn
Dark Angel #1
Max Allan CollinsFOX doesn't want to give us more of the show, but at least we have the novels.
Dark Angel:
Skin Game
Max Allan Collins
Steve Saffel
With or without FOX, we can follow the fate of postapocalyptic Seattle and its genetically altered inhabitants.
Dark Angel:
After the Dark
Max Allan CollinsFinally a satisfying ending, but the possibility of future adventures remains.
Dark Angel:
Eyes Only
The inside scoop.