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I watch a little too much Star Trek. I read far too much Star Trek.. Here are the best Star Trek novels . . .

Star Trek Novels

Best Destiny Diane CareyI've read this one a number of times. James T. Kirk as a rebellious teenager, The legendary Captain April...I don't want to spoil anything. This is a great read.cover
The Captain's Daughter
TOS #76
Peter DavidLearn the fate of Sulu's daughter in this brilliant novel by a master. I was reluctant to read it at first, but trust me on this. It's wonderful.cover
Imzadi Peter DavidRiker and Troi, the complete background story. And by Peter David! How can you go wrong?cover
Imzadi II: Triangle Peter DavidAnd the sequel...cover
I, Q Peter DavidThere is no such thing as too much Q, and certainly no such thing as too much Peter David.cover
Cloak and Dagger
Dark Matters
Christie GoldenThis is my favorite of the Voyager novels, and I will admit that the J/C parts are partially responsible for that.cover
Ghost Dance
Dark Matters
Christie GoldenSecond book in the absolutely wonderful Dark Matters trilogycover
Shadow of Heaven
Dark Matters
Christie GoldenThird book in the absolutely wonderful Dark Matters trilogy.cover
Mosaic Jeri TaylorThe life story of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Essential reading for any true fan of Voyager and certainly indispensible for fanfiction writers.cover
PathwaysJeri TaylorEssential background on the entire crew. Chakotay's life on Trebus; Tom's brief stint with the Maquis...It's all chronicled here, and J/C fans will adore the endingcover
No Man's Land
Christie GoldenYou have to read the rest of the complicated Gateways crossover to get this one, but that really isn't such a hardship and it's worth the work. Excellent character development as one would expect from Christie Golden.cover
(VGR #3)
Nathan ArcherEntertaining enough plot-wise, but the characters are a bit flat.cover
(VGR #4)
Susan WrightWell, we've got a great plot but too many errors to enjoy it fully. Was this written before the show aired? Because Ms. Wright, while an excellent writer, has obviously not seen Voyager. Doesn't anyone edit these things?cover
Incident at Arbuk
(VGR #5)
John Gregory BetancourtNot great, not bad either. Worth reading.cover
The Murdered Sun
(VGR #6)
Christie GoldenSet early in the Voyager series, this novel shows the growing relationships on board very well while presenting a compelling story of an interesting alien culture.cover
Ghost of a Chance
(VGR #7)
Mark A. Garland, Charles G. McGraw Another Prime Directive issue, some beautiful aliens...cover
(VGR #8)
S. N. Lewitt Entertaining enough for a novel written so early in the series. cover
The Final Fury
(VGR #9)
Daffyd HughPart of a crossover, which is always so very much fun. Take that however you want to take it; crossovers are both exhausting and kinda neat.cover
Bless the Beasts
(VGR #10)
Karen Haber What fascinating trouble Tom and Harry manage to find on shore leave.cover
The Garden
(VGR #11)
Melissa ScottAppropriately titled, because the vegetation really does have the writer's undivided attention. Characters are rather flat and the plot is uninspiring. Sorry, but the only reason to read this is for completion. Not for Janeway fans.cover
(VGR #12)
David Niall Wilson A little light on the character development, but an interesting world nonetheless. I enjoyed it as a trekkie, but it isn't going to be the favorite of a 'shipper.cover
The Black Shore
(VGR #13)
Greg CoxThis was a compelling and well written novel. Plus, plenty of Kes, whom we miss...cover
(VGR #14)
Christie GoldenKes is kidnapped by pirates. (Yes, pirates, I know...) This was a very enjoyable read.cover
(VGR #15)
Dean Wesley Smith et alAn excellent read, just be prepared for the famous reset button.cover
Seven of Nine
(VGR #16)
Christie GoldenNot a bad read. And 'shippers, this is the only K/7 you'll ever see in canon, so enjoy it.cover
Death of a Neutron Star
(VGR #17)
Eric Kotani
Dean Wesley Smith
I really enjoyed watching Janeway the scientist at work in this onecover
Battle Lines
(VGR #18)
Dave Galanter, Greg Brodeur Good characterization and a compelling plot. I enjoyed it very much. I'm always partial to plenty of Chakotay.cover
Fire Ship
The Captain's Table
Diane CareyYou don't need to read the whole Captain's Table series to follow this one, and it is great fun. First person point of view is certainly unique for a trek novel. Enjoy.cover
Episode Novelization
Diane Carey
Brannon Braga
As usual, Diane Carey has managed to add all that was missing in the episode. Wonderful book, entertaining in many ways.cover
Day of Honor: The Television Episode Diana G. Gallagher, Michael Jan Friedman P/T fans start your engines. Here's the novelization of that wonderful episode that J/Cers so envy. Not to be confused with the other novel of the same name.cover
Episode Novelization
Diane CareyA really wonderful episode novelization by the masterful Diane Carey. What was Janeway thinking? Turns out she wasn't all that sure either...cover
The Novel
Diane Carey
Christie Golden
I know, I hated the episode too. Diane Carey does an outstanding job with the novelization, though, and Christie Golden's continuation in Homecoming, previewed in the back of this novel, fixes that which we hated so much. J/C isn't dead yet, folks.cover
Homecoming Christie GoldenThe crew of Voyager is home at last, but new challenges make the adjustment difficult. An excellent resolution to the series, far more satisfying than Endgame.cover
Farther Shore Christie GoldenThe outstanding conclusion to Homecoming.cover
Captain Proton
Defender of The Earth
D.W. "Prof" SmithOkay, so owning this might be considered a little silly, but as a lover of both comic books and Star Trek how could I resist? Great fun, and it was a great help when I wrote my Captain Proton fanfic.cover