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I'm a science fiction fan, with favorites ranging from hard science to space opera, and my other major interests include horse racing, creative writing, archaeology, and cephalopods. This site includes books that I found helpful or just plain entertaining. You might find it useful as well. Enjoy.

Spiletta42's Top Ten

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's GuideDouglas AdamsContains all five wonderful books in the great Hitchhiker's Guide "trilogy." An absolute must have.cover
Shards of HonorLois McMaster BujoldSpace exploration, interplanetary politics, and the failings of same. One of the best books I've ever read, with complex characters and rich worldbuilding.cover
The Nitrogen FixHal ClementA fascinating tale by the master of hard sci-fi. You'll never take oxygen for granted again.cover
A Tale of Two Cities Charles DickensNothing makes me cry like the end of this lovely novel.cover
Best Destiny Diane CareyI've read this one a number of times. James T. Kirk as a rebellious teenager, The legendary Captain April...I don't want to spoil anything. This is a great read.cover
Red Dwarf:
Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers
Grant NaylorThis is great; just great. You'll laugh from beginning to end. A brilliant book. You don't have to be familiar with the television series to read this book, but you'll want to watch it once you've read this.cover
Big TroubleDave BarryThis is one of those books that you'll end up reading aloud to everyone in the vicinity. Hysterical. A brilliant sociocultural satire and an entertaining tale. Ignore the movie. The movie was not good. The novel is brilliant.cover
The Octopus Agenda
Diane DuaneThis is the middle book in a trilogy, and I'm not entirely convinced that it is the best of the three. They are all pretty darn good. I love to see Venom and Spider-Man working together.cover
Huckleberry Finn Mark TwainTHE great American novel. Principal Seymour Skinner can cross out the sassback all he wants; I'll just find another copy.cover
RingworldLarry NivenIf you haven't read Ringworld you don't know what you're missing. An absolute must have.cover
Man O' War
Thoroughbred Legends #1
Edward L. BowenA detailed look at the greatest American racehorse of all time.cover
The Captain's Daughter
TOS #76
Peter DavidLearn the fate of Sulu's daughter in this brilliant novel by a master. I was reluctant to read it at first, but trust me on this. It's wonderful.cover
Cloak and Dagger
Dark Matters
Christie GoldenThis is my favorite of the Voyager novels, and I will admit that the J/C parts are partially responsible for that.cover
Watership DownRichard AdamsThis is one of my all time favorites. Learn things you never knew about the world of rabbits; their legends; their politics. A stunning allegory on the human condition.cover
Nicholas and Alexandra Robert K. MassieThis has to be the best historical biography I've ever read. An intimate look at the fall of Imperial Russia.cover

Other Must Haves

Quotable Star Trek Jill Sherwin I use this one far more than is probably healthy. Admit it, you will too.cover
The Star Trek Encyclopedia Michael Okuda
Denise Okuda
I won't go anywhere without this. You really never know when you'll need it.cover