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There are a few classics I should mention. I was a literature major after all. By no means a comprehensive list.

Literary Favorites

A Tale of Two Cities Charles DickensNothing makes me cry like the end of this lovely novel.cover
Huckleberry Finn Mark TwainTHE great American novel. Principal Seymour Skinner can cross out the sassback all he wants; I'll just find another copy.cover
Wuthering Heights Emily BronteThe first gothic novel. Everyone should read this haunting favorite, if just to understand references to it.cover
The Great Gatsby F. Scott FitzgeraldThe novel of the Jazz Age. Another one of those must read books. Gatsby's library contained real books; shouldn't yours?cover
Gone With the Wind Margaret MitchellScarlet O'Hara is a captivating character. This is a must read for any writer, as it is frequently an example in how-to-write books.cover
To Kill a Mockingbird Harper LeeThis is a beautifully crafted tale full of childhood innocence and the harshness of reality. Highly recommended.cover
Winesburg, Ohio Sherwood AndersonWhat a witty and insightful piece this is; you really should give it a read.cover