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Horse Science

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Book of Horses: A Complete Medical Reference Guide for Horses and Foals Mordecai Siegal et al The first book you should read on horse science. Each topic starts at the basics and builds to specifics. Absolutely perfect as a Hippology/HorseBowl/KnowDown study guide for 4-H and Pony Club. Also an excellent reference book for horse people at all levels.cover
Beyond the Hay Days Rex A. EwingFinally. A practical guide to horse nutrition. Feed what they need, not what's in style this week.cover
Blessed Are The Broodmares M. Phyllis LoseA classic text for the horse breeder, professional and amateur alike.cover
Breeding Management and Foal DevelopmentEquine ResearchA college level text for the professional horse person. Recommended for 4-H hippology and horse bowl students as well. Two warnings, though: first of all, brace yourself for the price. Secondly, don't read this immediately before the birth of your first foal.cover
Conditioning to WinEquine ResearchAn excellent text on developing physical training programs for all types of performance horses. Build stamina, minimize injury.cover
Conformation and PerformanceNancy S. LovingA veterinarian explains conformation and how it effects performance. Invaluable for selecting horses and dealing with problems in the horses you already have. An absolute must for professionals.cover
Complete Plans for Building Horse Barns Big and Small Nancy W. Ambrosiano
Mary F. Harcourt
Don't build your barn without it.cover
Feeding to Win II Equine Research The authority on proper feeding and nutrition.cover
Veterinary Treatments and Medications for Horsemen Equine Research A very complete guide on specific treatment options and methods for a wide variety of injuries and ailments.cover