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First, a word about Everworld. I enjoyed the series, but it is not for everyone. Written for a teenage audience, it nonetheless will appeal to adult readers. I would not recommend it for the squeamish, however. It is an intelligent series, but a bit dark and a bit bloody at times. The content is most decidedly on the high side of PG-13. There's nothing here they wouldn't show us on prime time television, and the depth of characterization is impressive. K.A. Applegate has created a very real fantasy world, and it's a shame the series isn't still around.

Oh, and read the things in order. That is an absolute must with this series; it's not that you won't be able to follow the story, but you'll really be missing out if you skip ahead.


Search for Senna K.A. ApplegateMeet the players and jump into Everworld. You absolutely have to start here; you'll be sorry if you don't.cover
Land of Loss K.A. ApplegateVikings, Aztecs, and Huitzilopoctli. I'd run the other way, but these four kids from the suburbs of Chicago wade right into the middle of it all.cover
Enter the Enchanted K.A. ApplegateEnter Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table.cover
Realm of the Reaper K.A. ApplegateRemember my warning for the squeamish; here's a pretty good example of why. Meet Loki's delightful daughter Hel.cover
Discover the Destroyer K.A. ApplegateFairy Land will never be the same after a visit from our gang.cover
Fear the Fantastic K.A. ApplegateThe kids come upon the land of Ka Anor.cover
Gateway to the Gods K.A. ApplegateMount Olympus is under siege, and the kids are right in the thick of things.cover
Brave the Betrayal K.A. ApplegateBrush up on your African mythology. This one's really fascinating, as well as frightening.cover
Inside the Illusion K.A. ApplegateThis is the most fascinating, and the most disturbing, place you'll visit in Everworld: Inside the mind of Senna Wales.cover
Understand the Unknown K.A. ApplegateYou knew it had to happen. Atlantis.cover
Mystify the Magician K.A. ApplegateThe kids reach Eire, and things really begin to happen.cover
Entertain the End K.A. ApplegateThe grand finale leaves a lot of hanging threads. I hope the series continues someday.cover
(1996 Original Broadway Cast)
Jonathan LarsonCaution: Reading Everworld may create a need to listen to RENT.cover