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Science Fiction

Shards of HonorLois McMaster BujoldSpace exploration, interplanetary politics, and the failings of same. One of the best books I've ever read, with complex characters and rich worldbuilding.cover
The Nitrogen FixHal ClementA fascinating tale by the master of hard sci-fi. You'll never take oxygen for granted again. A personal favorite.cover
NeedleHal ClementA charming old classic with characters that you'll love. Take a fresh look at a much-used storyline by reading the very first of its kind.cover
The Gods Themselves Isaac AsimovHere's my favorite Asimov novel. Fascinating aliens, but I can't spoil it for you. Highly recommended.cover
The Ugly Little Boy Isaac Asimov
Robert Silverberg
When these two team up you are guaranteed a great read. Absolutely fabulous.cover
The Positronic Man Isaac Asimov
Robert Silverberg
So much better than the movie. This was a great book.cover
RingworldLarry NivenIf you haven't read Ringworld you don't know what you're missing. An absolute must have.cover
Ender's Game Orson Scott CardThis is the sort of book you think about long after you've read it. Very highly recommended. Extremely well written.cover
Speaker for the Dead Orson Scott CardThe sequel to Ender's Gamecover
XenocideOrson Scott CardThird in the Ender Series.cover
Children of the MindOrson Scott CardFourth in the Ender Series.cover
Ender's ShadowOrson Scott CardFifth in the Ender Series.cover
Shadow of the HegemonOrson Scott CardSixth in the Ender Series.cover
Shadow PuppetsOrson Scott CardSeventh in the Ender Series.cover
Stranger In A Strange Land Robert A. HeinleinSimply the most famous sci-fi novel in history. Once upon a time there was a Martian named Valentine Michael Smith.cover
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress Robert A. HeinleinConsidered by many to be the masterpiece of a master.cover
Have Space Suit Will Travel Robert A. HeinleinKip Russell is kidnapped. By aliens.cover
Tunnel in the Sky Robert A. HeinleinA struggle for survival far from Earth.cover
The Time Machine H.G. WellsYou can't call yourself a sci-fi geek if you haven't read this old classic.cover
The Invisible Man H.G. WellsAnother classic.cover
The Chanur Saga:
The Pride of Chanur
Chanur's Venture
The Kif Strike Back
C.J. CherryhA complex alien society and the human who found himself within the midst of it. A trilogy of modern classics in one omnibus.cover
Red Dwarf:
Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers
Grant NaylorThis is great; just great. You'll laugh from beginning to end. A brilliant book. You don't have to be familiar with the television series to read this book, but you'll want to watch it once you've read this.cover
Better Than Life Grant NaylorAnd the hysterical sequel. Loved this one too.cover
The Ultimate Hitchhiker's GuideDouglas AdamsContains all five wonderful books in the great Hitchhiker's Guide "trilogy." An absolute must have.cover
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Douglas AdamsI loved this. You will too. Even includes a terrific little lesson in quantum theory. I defy you to put this book down!cover
The Long Dark
Tea-Time of the Soul

Douglas AdamsSo what Norse diety blew up Heathrow airport? And just what is with that Eagle? Find the answers in this hysterical work by the great Douglas Adams.cover
Starship TitanicDouglas Adams
Terry Jones
Can't get enough Adams? Well, see what happens when he teams up with Monty Python's Terry Jones.cover
The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy Once Last TimeDouglas AdamsThis is what Douglas Adams was working on when he passed away. Savor it; there will be no more.cover
The Day the Martians CameFrederik PohlI loved this, but it isn't for everyone. Very realistic look at the way people would react to the discovery of martians.cover
X-Files: RuinsKevin J. AndersonThis is an excellent novel, just ignore the excess adverbs and adjectives.cover
Best Destiny Diane CareyI've read this one a number of times. James T. Kirk as a rebellious teenager, The legendary Captain April...I don't want to spoil anything. This is a great read.cover
The Clan of the Cave BearJean M. AuelA fascinating use of anthropology in fiction with beautiful characterization. Very enjoyable.cover
Valley of Horses Jean M. AuelBeautiful love story meets fascinating exploration of Ice Age cultures.cover
The Mammoth Hunters Jean M. AuelThird book in the Earth's Children series. An enjoyable read.cover
Plains of Passage Jean M. AuelI loved this, but the pace was a bit deadly at times. Certainly wouldn't recommend it if you haven't read the earlier books, but it was enjoyable.cover
The Shelters of Stone Jean M. AuelLong awaited, the fifth Earth's Children book is here. It's like watching paint dry, but at least that paint is drying on a cave wall in Ice Age France. Slow moving and light on plot, but still worth reading for the setting.cover
Cloak and Dagger
Dark Matters
Christie GoldenThis is my favorite of the Voyager novels, and I will admit that the J/C parts are partially responsible for that.cover
Ghost Dance
Dark Matters
Christie GoldenSecond book in the absolutely wonderful Dark Matters trilogycover
Shadow of Heaven
Dark Matters
Christie GoldenThird book in the absolutely wonderful Dark Matters trilogy.cover
Neanderthal: A Novel John DarntonI don't usually go for the horror type stuff, but this was intelligent and scared me half to death.cover
The Paradise Snare
The Han Solo Trilogy
A.C. CrispinThe early life of Han Solo. I absolutely loved this book, and in fact this whole trilogy. In my opinion, these are absolutely the best Star Wars novels.cover
The Hutt Gambit
The Han Solo Trilogy
A.C. CrispinSecond in the trilogy, this great novel includes more than you ever wanted to know about the Hutts.cover
Rebel Dawn:
The Han Solo Trilogy
A.C. CrispinThird in the trilogy; learn the fate of Bria and see just how Han wound up in the Mos Eisley Cantina on that fateful day.cover
Before the Dawn
Dark Angel #1
Max Allan CollinsFOX doesn't want to give us more of the show, but at least we have the novels.cover
Dark Angel:
Skin Game
Max Allan Collins
Steve Saffel
With or without FOX, we can follow the fate of postapocalyptic Seattle and its genetically altered inhabitants.cover