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Real Science

The New Solar System J. Kelly Beatty
Carolyn Collins Petersen
Andrew Chaikin
Want to write a sci-fi story set on Mercury? Well, since you can't very well visit there (yet) this is the next best thing. Excellent reference and more.
Mammoth: The Resurrection of an Ice Age Giant Richard StoneOh did I love this book! Hiking across Siberia in search of dead mammoths preserved in the ice . . . a great vacation, especially if it's one you need only take in the comfort of a cozy armchair. Will scientists find what they need to clone a mammoth? Can it be done? Should it be done? Fascinating.
Becoming Human Ian TattersallAn anthropological favorite. Tattersall presents an interesting discussion on primate intelligence, the Neanderthal, and early humans. What makes human beings unique?
The Universe Below
Secrets of the Deep Sea
William J. BroadA thorough introduction into oceonography, with history as well as recent discoveries. I'd recommend this quite highly.
Life's SolutionSimon Conway MorrisA fascinating look at the flexibility of life, from the world's foremost expert on paleozoology. His views on evolution mirror my own, and provides compelling arguments on these views.
The Search for the
Giant Squid
Richard EllisExplore the myth and science of one of the most elusive creatures on planet Earth.
Hyperspace Michio KakuIt made me dizzy but it was fascinating and very helpful to me as a sci-fi writer.
The Elegant Universe Brian GreeneSuperstrings, hidden dimensions, and the quest for the ultimate theory. There's a companion DVD available as well. Understanding string theory may be a little beyond my grasp, but at least I know what it is that I don't understand now.
Asimov on Astronomy Isaac AsimovAn overview of astronomy by the master himself.
The Real Science Behind
the X-Files
Anne Elizabeth Simon PhD
Chris Carter
X-Files is a smart television show, and this book shows why. You'll learn something, and very painlessly. A fanfiction writer's must-have.
In Search of Schrodinger's Cat John GribbinJust what was Dirk Gently going on about? A great quantum theory study.
Life Everywhere:
The Maverick Science of Astrobiology
David DarlingExcellent overview of the science of Astrobiology. Enjoyable and informative. What is being done to prove the existence of alien life? What might it be like when we find it?
Complete Book of Spaceflight
From Apollo 1 to Zero Gravity
David DarlingAn encyclopedia of space exploration. New in 2003, up to date and informative. Very handy to have at hand.
Noah's Flood William Ryan
Walter Pitman
A compelling look at evidence pointing to the reality of the great flood of the Bible and its results.
Wonderful Life
The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History
Stephen Jay GouldThe story of the Burgess Shale is a slow unfolding of intellectual drama centered around a fascinating look at the diversity of life in Earth's early history.
Gray's Anatomy Running PressHandy reference for writers, artists, and med students.
The Biology of Star Trek Susan Jenkins, M.D.
Robert Jenkins, M.D., Ph.D.
One of my all time favorites. An essential for trekkies like me.
Is Data Human?
The Metaphysics of Star Trek
Richard HanleyOkay, so it's more philosophy than science, but I didn't know where else to list it. This is a great book, and it will really make you think. Great chapter on Tuvix
The Physics of Star Trek Lawrence M. KraussAnother must have for trekkies. I learned a great deal from this book.
Star Trek Science Logs Andre BormanisNot sure this fits here exactly, but I keep it on the science shelf, so what the heck. Great reference for Star Trek fanfiction writers.