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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a well written television series, and the novels are quite good as well. I've enjoyed quite a number, as you can see. I appreciate a series that strives for accurate characterization in the novelizations, and this one shines.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Child of the Hunt Christopher Golden
Nancy Holden
A well written and entertaining novel. As clever and entertaining as the show.
Return to Chaos Craig Shaw GardnerA good novel. Ethan Rayne returns.
Out of the Madhouse Christopher Golden
Nancy Holden
The first book in the great Gatekeeper trilogy. I read all three books in the Cincinnati Airport and enjoyed them quite thoroughly.
Ghost Roads Christopher Golden
Nancy Holden
Spike and Dru make an appearance in this, the second novel in the trilogy.
Sons of Entropy Christopher Golden
Nancy Holden
The final, and perhaps best, book of the trilogy.
Obsidian Fate Diana G. GallagherA little archeology and a lot of Hellmouth fun. One small continuity error does not distract significantly from an entertaining read.
Immortal Christopher Golden
Nancy Holden
A vampire that refuses to die is almost too much for a Slayer stretched between personal duties and her obligations as the Chosen One. This was the first Buffy hardcover.
Sins of the Father Christopher GoldenA character from the Buffy movie visits Sunnydale. Well written and entertaining, but has a minor continuity error cause by the fact that it was written during the third season, but was meant to be set near the end of the third season.
Resurrecting Ravana Ray GartonWillow and Xander both had interesting roles in this novel.
Prime Evil Diana G. GallagherWhen evil rises in Sunnydale, it's always set on destroying the world. Good thing Buffy and the Scoobies are around to deal with it.
Spike & Dru:
Pretty Maids All in a Row
Christopher GoldenTake a wild ride through World War II Europe with our favorite evil couple. Extremely well written and a great read. Extra points for skillful use of future continuity.
Revenant Mel OdomThe Hellmouth makes Sunnydale a key location in international crime -- at least when demons are involved.
Tempted Champions Yvonne NavarroBuffy and Angel might have found a way to achieve happiness, but the price may be too high.
Oz: Into the Wild Christopher GoldenWhere did Oz go during the fourth season? His quest to understand the nature of the werewolf.
The Wisdom of War Christopher GoldenI haven't read this yet, which surprises me since Christopher Golden is one of my favorite writers.
These Our Actors Ashley McConnell
Dori Koogler
A Willow-centric fourth season novel.
Blood and Fog Nancy HolderBuffy and Spike share an adventure in London. Includes flashbacks to the old days, when Angelus, Spike, Dru, and Darla terrorized Europe.
Chosen Joss Whedon et alThe giant novelization of the seventh season.
The Book of Fours Nancy HolderIncludes the story of the slayer that died, making way for Buffy to be chosen.
The Lost Slayer Christopher GoldenFour serial novels in a single giant volume. By our favorite Buffy writer.