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Horse Stories by Walter Farley

The Black Stallion Walter FarleyThe Black and Alec first meet, and find themselves battling for survival after a shipwreck.
The Black Stallion Returns Walter FarleyThe story continues when The Black's legal owner claims him.
Son of the Black Stallion Walter FarleyWhen Alec receives a son of the Black, Alec and Henry work to overcome the colt's fiery disposition and find success on the racetrack.
The Black Stallion and Satan Walter FarleyAn international horse race pits father against son as the Black and Satan meet for the first time, but winning a race quickly becomes less of a priority than simple survival.
The Island Stallion Walter FarleyThe adventure begins for Steve Duncan and the wild stallion he names Flame.
The Island Stallion's Fury Walter FarleyWhat will become of Flame when his secret island paradise is threatened?
The Island Stallion Races Walter FarleyWhile on an archaeological dig, Steve and his horse meet some shape-shifting aliens and are whisked away to the races in an invisible UFO. No, seriously. This was my absolute favorite book when I was ten.
The Black Stallion Revolts Walter FarleyThe Black runs wild while Alec suffers amnesia following a plane crash.
The Black Stallion's Filly Walter FarleyThe Black's daughter has Kentucky Derby hopes.
The Black Stallion's Courage Walter FarleyThe Black is back to the races with Hopeful Farm on the line.