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The claim that Animorphs is a series for children doesn't sit well with me. Nothing I've ever read has given me nightmares quite so frequent and vivid as this series. I certainly wouldn't let a sensitive child read these books. I read them all, and enjoyed most of them. Several of my adult friends have read them as well. It is a gripping series. But if you plan on ordering some for your kids, make sure you take a look. You might find that they are something you can enjoy with your children, or you might find that your child would be better off not reading them at all. You know your kids; I don't, and K.A. Applegate certainly doesn't.


Animorphs #1
The Invasion
K.A. ApplegateFive kids take a shortcut home from the mall, and find themselves major players in a galactic war. Already there are chilling consequences.cover
Animorphs #2
The Visitor
K.A. ApplegateWitness the side effects of war as a twelve year old girl thinks her parents don't love her anymore. Sadly enough, she isn't exactly wrong.cover
Animorphs #3
The Encounter
K.A. ApplegateUp close and personal with a casualty of war and his potentially suicidal tendancies.cover
Animorphs #4
The Message
K.A. ApplegateFinally, a slightly happy tale. Dolphins are wonderful.cover
Animorphs #5
The Predator
K.A. ApplegateHow does a twelve year old boy deal with the death of his mother? And how does he deal with it when she returns from the dead as the leader of a hostile invasion force?cover
Animorphs #6
The Capture
K.A. ApplegateWeeks of nightmares from this one. Psychologically chilling.cover
Animorphs #7
The Stranger
K.A. ApplegateIs the new player on the board good or evil?cover
Animorphs #8
The Alien
K.A. ApplegateThis is possibly the most interesting yet in the series.cover
Animorphs #9
The Secret
K.A. ApplegateWatch deep psychological trauma at work.cover
Animorphs #10
The Android
K.A. ApplegateAnother player makes himself known.cover
Animorphs #11
The Forgotten
K.A. ApplegateJust in case you weren't yet terrified to death of ants. A warning for graphic violence and a rather strong gag factor.cover
Animorphs #12
The Reaction
K.A. ApplegateAnd just in case we hadn't yet learned that life is not all roses and sunshine...what happens when a morph goes out of control. Also, people are often downright rotten, and that includes those you once admired.cover
Animorphs #13
The Change
K.A. ApplegateIf life doesn't get better for the characters, at least it becomes slightly less miserable.cover