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Alias: The Pursuit by Lizzie Skurnick

Early in the novel, the author works entirely too hard to squeeze a metaphor into every paragraph, like a crazed baker trying to pump jelly into every single doughnut, including the ones with holes. Constantly using dependent clauses, the author has a style that seems forced.

Anyhow, once you've gotten used to the effects of a creative writing workshop run amok, the plot's good. The style does settle down and is free of grammatical errors. The story moves along nicely and provides insight into the Michael Vaughn character, and therefore fans of the show will find it worth reading.

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Alias: Recruited by Lynn Mason

As for the Sydney Bristow prequels, they've all been quite enjoyable and well worth reading, especially Father Figure and A Secret Life, both by Laura Peyton Roberts, and I'd recommend them strongly. Do read them in order, as there is an overall story arch. You'll want to start with Recruited, an interesting and well written novel by Lynn Mason.

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Alias: A Secret Life by Laura Peyton Roberts

A fast and enjoyable read. You'll be at the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The action sequence is particularly well done, putting this novel on my very short list of positive examples for action writing.

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Alias: Disappeared by Lynn Mason

Chilling and suspenseful, with very human characterization. Sydney's intelligence gathering mission becomes something more when she's trapped in a gothic mansion with a number of others -- and one of them is a killer.

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Alias: Sister Spy by Laura Peyton Roberts

Is there anything more terrifying than joining a college sorority?

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Alias: Father Figure by Laura Peyton Roberts

We finally meet Jack Bristow, while Sydney struggles to figure out who to trust in a confusing tangle of smoke and mirrors.

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Alias: Free Fall by Christa Roberts

Sydney meets other agents her age. This one will keep you guessing til the end. Suspense and well done action.

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Alias: Infiltration by Breen Frazier

This is the scariest yet, with a fascinating cast of supporting characters, including one you'll see in the first season of the show.

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Alias DVD collection

The show itself requires concentration to follow, and will surprise you often. This is not the sort of show that will bore the viewer, since it simply isn't possible to consistently guess the outcomes of the storylines. The first four seasons are available on DVD, and the show just finished its fifth and final season. From the mind of JJ Abrams of Lost fame. Highly recommended.

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