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Want to discuss J/C, Voyager, Star Trek, or sci-fi in general with your fellow fans? Try one of the boards below.

Jadie's Nexus

Jadie's Nexus:This is the board I frequent, and it's the home of Spiletta42's Writing Exercises. It's a very nice moderated board with a J/C focus, and it has html and computer help, writing activities, puzzles, and games. Nexus also has sections for Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon 5, and more. PG rated and open to all.

And the rest:
JCVMB:The replacement for the now defunct JCMB on bravenet. A family friendly place for JetCers to discuss their favorite couple, Star Trek in general, and just about anything fun.
Voyager Angel Message Board: It allows NC-17 discussions and is therefore age restricted. They bill themselves as the 'open minded' board. Careful not to step in the grey matter. Some of their brains have fallen out. (They only have one rule, and it's unspoken: Don't mention the names of anyone the mods have argued with in the past -- it'll get you banned without warning.)
Krillmeed's Star Trek ForumAn all-inclusive Trek forum with many interesting discussions.
Star Trek Voyager: Another Star Trek board I have yet to explore in detail.
Official Star Trek Site:I haven't explored, but the official site has message boards.
SciFi Channel: It doesn't have a Voyager board, only a TOS board, but it's active.

Other fandoms have boards too:


Roswell Fanatics

Gateworld Forums

Dusk 'til Dawn: a Whedonverse board